New-improved Torker Dx Frames

whadup uni-dogs,

i rode the torker 20" DX for a bit and i wrecked the frame ( i know some of you have too, crown breakage right?) well torker has fixed this problem and hopefully for good. \

Look for new products coming out for 2007, lots of cool new stuff, ill keep ya posted


p.s. The “Evolution” is coming


put me on the mailing list: when the new frames are released they will send one to those of us who snapped them free of charge right?!

oh finally they fix them up :D.

it doesn’t really affect me because i havent and will never own a torker frame, but it’s good to hear and will save some people buying the nimbus frames.

I want to know what this is… Is it a video?

Anyways, that is agood thing about the frames, too many people have killed those frames.


i can not say for sure about the warantees on the frames, so youll have to talk directly to the company.

the “Evolution” is coming



did they bring down the weight on the frame? or no…

and oh yeah, i agree with muzzle( i am one of the DX frame breakers myself)

no, no weight changes…Yet!

wait for the 2007 catalogue


plus: new retro shirts r comin

I will buy a shirt =p and try to get the new frame design!

When the new frames come out, and the price stays the same as the 06 DX, its gonna be one of the best splined, begginers trials set-up, I cant wait! Even though I just put on a Nimbus II frame on my DX wheelset, I still want tthe new frame. =p

Hey Justin, you have the first of the new frames right? Can you get a picture of what it looks like? I’d like to know what the outside of the cutout picture is like.

Also, watch for other new stuff.

yeah, i bet there will be a whole lot of more stuff comming out.

Here’s the new 2007 dx! (looks the same as '06 to me)

That’s because it is the same. The 2007 DX is not out yet.

Well then that’s false advertising because they call it the “all new 2007”.

The frame looks different near the seat tube, well, to me it is, and I dont want to get my old frame out to compare. lol

No, that is definitly the 2006. The 2007 isn’t even finished being…designed yet as far as I know.