New, improved NightFox!

For those who ay not now, the Nightfox has been updated with a new frame, which repositions the saddle more forward to eliminate leg rubbing on the frame. Thought I’d take it out for a Muni sesh so I swapped the long handle with the shortened KH T handle, and it looks great!

Footage includes a BAD fall (but not while riding!) with injury report. (was almost impaled on sharp tree branch sticking out of the ground like a stake!) Plus a cool new trick I learned, seen at the end. Was scary doing it because of the risk of injury, and I’ve sure had my share of late! :slight_smile:

Great video, Terry. Very nice camera work as well as some fine unicycling.

You got a new kitty :frowning:

The frame of the nightfox looks realy nice, but i still waiting for a bigger wheel(44" would be perfect)

Geared 29" is that effective size. The night fox is meant for riders who can barely ride a 36 though. You can also try smaller cranks for more speed.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never had an issue with the original, but I vastly prefer the older design purely due to aesthetics. The old design was centered and symmetrical, while this one looks… hunchbacked.

All right I’ll buy one

I’ve been going back and forth about picking up the Nightfox as my first big wheel uni for a while now. You just gave me another excuse to grab one. Order is in- and just shipped it out! Cheers to you MrGeezer for the excuses and inspiration that we all often need.

I have tried a geared 29", and i dont like the feeling, specialy if it gets up or downhill. A bigger Wheel rides much smoother. I tried shorter cranks too. But with them you loose more control as you get more speed.
A big wheel unicycle is the best road machine for me.

sorry for the off-topicness

you can always gear up a 36 too :wink:

You always lose control as your gear ratio goes up, same thing on a geared 36 with 150s. I have about as much control as 100’s ungeared… which makes sense.

with a large wheel like a 44, it makes mounting and getting started harder as well. Though I agree, I would love to see larger wheel sizes out there, and would REALLY love a 1.5" wide 36er tire/rim combo.

You’re much more likely to see a 32" size come out than a 44 unfortunately. (A 29+ wheel is basically a 32 already, something like 31.5)


Terry said in his utube comment that the new sear design feels normal and distributes weight well. I believe him.

Yet, I can’t help but have the lurking physicist inside me (the dumb one, usually kept locked in a box) questioning the design.

On a traditional uni, if one stands it up and let’s go, it will fall roughly 50-50 front or back. This new frame will fall 100% of the time backwards. The moment–even if small–is clearly toward the back. I think this would be a big factor in climbing, when even a traditional seat is “trying” to fall out from behind a rider–wouldn’t the newly designed seat distinctly want to fall back/lean back on a climb? Sure, handlebars etc help compensate, but still, the physics seem off/odd to me (particularly as the seat is non-adjustable for tilt/angle, taking another way to compensate right out of the equation altogether).

Thoughts? Thanks. Steve. :slight_smile:

Weight balance really isn’t that big of a deal, especially if you are holding on to a handle or the seat. To adjust saddle angle you can always add washers under the front or back attachment points.

I have an old frame with the centered legs and would gladly trade with anyone with the new frame that wants a more “balanced” frame :slight_smile: (only ridden a few times and never dropped.)

I know, old thread.
My question is, can a Nightfox frame be swapped in for a KH 36, or do they work with different hub widths? My inseam isn’t long enough for the KH 36 frame.

Different hub widths. Nightfox is 125mm bearing pitch, KH is 100mm.

Thanks @lightbulbjim.