New improved coker for the summer?

I just noticed that, has this been discussed already? I’m intrigued!

Or is that some sort of sick April fools joke?

The site is linked to from Coker’s main site:

I hope it isn’t some sick april fools joke, I would like to see it before I go and buy myself the Nimbus, but I’m going to buy it before I bike the San Juan islands with my scout group… which is in july-ish i think

i’m thinking this is pretty legit, can’t wait.

I can confirm it is definitely legitimate but I know very little about it (I have tried).
we all just have to wait and see…

new and greatly improved, now stock with black sheet

I have to give credit to Spencer for saying: “yeah, it would be funny if its the same coker but with a blanket over it”

One month too late for me, just ordered a nimbus last week. For the sake of the unicycling world i hope it has some great improvements.

I don’t think you will regret buying the Nimbus.


You definitely will not regret buying a Nimbus. I still look forward to the NEW Coker interpretation.

Maybe the new coker will have a joystick that you can steer the tire in any direction that you want. in other words the tire moves the same way a cars front tire moves when you turn the steering wheel :D. But i guess we have to wait like everyone else. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah I can’t imagine it being better than the Nimbus unless they’re made a new alloy rim for it. Compring the original coker to the nimbus, nimbus has, better spokes, wider harder hub, stiffer frame, bigger seatpost, rail adaptor, brake mounts, better saddle, funky handle, stiffer, lighter, stronger rim etc. That’s quite a lot of stuff to catch up on to be on a par with the nimbus, let alone overtake it.

Maybe it will have a shot of Nos to define the term “Speed freak” :smiley: :smiley: and dual handbrakes to slow the damn monster down when you think you’re going a little too fast. :smiley: :smiley:

Although I am keen to see what they have to offer I don’t think that the new big one from the coker tyre company will be as good as the nimbus.

I hope though that they release a rim of similar strength to the airfoil but with more consistent sizing. I hope they manage to get their tyres to a more consistent size too as there have been a few problems with tyre sizes as well as rim sizes I believe.


Happy with the Nimbus 36, Regardless of the airfoil rim size.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried NOS but while it works effectively on engines, it genreally makes humans fall over and giggle. :slight_smile:

Good point my friend. Maybe the new tire has a different spoke design which is more sturdier and more durable/stronger. :thinking: :smiley:

I agree with Roger, other than the current airfoil situation the nimbus doesn’t leave much to be desired.


The Airfoil situation is nothing to do with Nimbus though. As stock 36ers go the Nimbus is so far ahead of anything else available.

I do love my airfoil though.


It does have something to do with the Nimbus though, thats the only strong rim available for it, and with its size issue it makes it undesirable. It is just one area in which the new coker may improve over the Nimbus.

I think there may be some confusion here between the UK and US version of the Nimbus 36er.

The UK version is only supplied with the stock Coker steel rim.

The US version, however, has the Airfoil rim as standard.

Either way, and despite what the new Coker may or may not be like, I’m very happy with my N36 and steel rim.