New idea for long-jump measurement

So I was just thinking about how long jumps are measured with 1m long sticks not more than 1cm thick, and at a competition this may be fairly effective, but i came up with a new method for consideration that will be more effective, and easier to see… use duck tape.

i’m going to make some little bridge type things to hold the tape straight, and use this method to measure my jumps when i feel like being all official or whatever… and to see if it will actually work.

tape here sticky side up

measuredgapping distance

tape here sticky side up

what do you guys think??

Well… It would waste a lot of tape for one…

Otherwise I don’t really see much of a problem.

Edit: and it could be dangerous, causing you to be unable to continue pedaling after getting stuck in your frame and faceplanting or something.

nah, the tape wouldn’t be strong enough.

and if i was doing it on my own… it wouldn’t be a waste of tape really… 6 feet or so… big deal

What advantage would the tape have over sticks? I’m sorry, I thought you were suggesting that the tape method would be used in competition…

But I don’t see a problem with using sticks?

Also, some wouldn’t consider it official, I think, since duct tape is much lower than a stick, and therefore easier to clear. With a stick, it would be slightly harder, as you have a cm more to clear in regards to height, which could mean probably 5cm less in length.

My opinion: In competition it’s not practical, as it would waste too much tape, and when using it alone it still isn’t all that practical, and some may not consider it official. It seems like it may be a good idea if you are just practicing for the hell of it and are not trying to film it for a record, and you don’t care about wasting tape, and you have a problem with using sticks, but otherwise I don’t see it helping much. If you use a perfectly round stick, then it’s easy to see if you hit it or not because it would roll.

I’m not a long jumper myself, at least not long enough to be interesting, so I’m not familiar with any issues that may exist with the stick method. One concern is whether it can cause a loss of control if the rider lands on it. I’m all in favor of ideas for better/easier/safer methods to measure the jumps.

I like the idea of a string used as the measuring spot. A loop of string, just a couple of millimeters off the ground, would seem much safer to land on. An apparatus could be made, with a flat part that goes across the runway, but is located some tens of centimeters before the landing spot. At each end could be the parts where the string is attached. You would attach the string tightly, to keep tension and straightness. Then you just need a roll of string for when it breaks.

A design like that (or with tape, though it needn’t be wide and heavy duct tape) could allow for a heavy, solid apparatus to hold it, which might make it easier to keep the measurements consistent as it shouldn’t move unless it gets kicked or something, yet is still low to the ground in the landing zone.

So go ahead and design stuff, and try it out! In the past, some competitions have used a string that was, I believe, just taped to the ground. It’s very easy to tell if anything that’s strung tightly gets touched when a wheel goes by.

I think string has only been used for high jump…

Skrobo obviously just dosn’t like sticks. Sticks to Skrobo is like high jumping over a bar or onto pellets.

strings was used at a norwegian competition, very effective… u could see it bounce when you hit it, but just remember not to set it too high, only 2-3 cm. of the ground…

the problem w/ that is that it does cause a problem w/ jumping when its off the ground. the max height is 1cm if i remember right… anything higher than that WILL make a noticeable difference in length, and string is hard to see.