new idea for a unicycle game

ok im not sure what to cal it but anyways
I was thinking that you could have a game where one person is nominated to hold/tuck into rear bumper/velcrowed onto back a rag or cloth of some sort and everyone has to try and ride and get it off that person when they do they hold/tuck into rear bumper/velcro onto back the rag and that the winner is who has the cloth at the end of a time limet basicly the aim of the game is to be holding the cloth at the end of the game(eg 5 mins)

good idea bad idea any problems or suggestions ect
(wouldnt mind a name like cloth tag or sumting)
this game would be deadly on giaffes and really fun on a UW I dont know how you would do it on a BC thogh

Well it would certainly be interesting. i reckon it’s a decent idea worth a try

i rekon it would be fun as on giraffes, and do it on like a tennis court or something, and that u are never allowed to hop off during the game. liek 5 or so peopel to play it would be reasonable.

I’ve played a similar game with a mate that started with me stealing his hat, and him trying to get it back.
In my version the bonus part is if you lunge for the hat and miss you smack your opponent round the face!
Fun times.

Sounds like something in between Tag and Sumo. “Touch Sumo.” You could call it Flag for starters.

Back in our early days of playing Sumo, when we developed our general rules back in the late 80s, we used to play with groups. Every man for himself, last one riding wins. That’s more Demolition Derby or Gladiators than Sumo but we weren’t hung up on a name at the time. In our early days, when we weren’t as good at avoiding each other, we had a “seats off limits” rule. This meant you weren’t allowed to grab your opponent’s seat, as we hadn’t developed a decent defense for it, and it was too easy.

Later on we got better at avoiding hands on the back of the seat (or front, eww) so we started playing without this rule. It’s possible to “shake” someone even after they get hold of a Miyata rear handle.

So this Flag game could be lots of fun. You’d have to attach velcro tabs to all participating unicycles, but aside from the flag itself, that’s the only equipment you need. If it gets too easy you can experiment with smaller flags, or moving the flag to a different spot on the uni. Let us know how it goes!

We did a game like this at the Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival last year; everyone got a little bit of velcro and a flag to stick on the back of their seat, then we put everyone onto the outdoor basketball court. If you lose your flag or fall off your uni, you’re out.

It was quite fun, although it really only works if the riders are near to each other in skill level. We’re going to plan to do it again this year.

Another variation that I used to play with a bunch of bike modding kids was to get some toilet paper and make “scarves” out of it. If someone either A) fell off their bike or B) had their scarf ripped off by someone else, they were out.

Last person standing wins.

There were really no other rules - so you could kick at the bikes and crazy stuff like that - which may be a bit too aggressive for some people, but with the right safety gear, it shouldn’t be too dangerous on a uni.

true I think flag tag would be a good idea and the small velcro flag would be a good idea