new hubs/cranks

ok just a quick question for you guys.
Is it better to upgrade hubs and cranks before they break or wait untill they have broken and then get the new set?
Not that il be doing either i was just woundering for the furtre.

the juggler

PS i jumped off my first park bench today

replace them before you break them, that way you have a spare set, not a broken set in the garbage

I agree with Sofa, replace them first if you can afford it. I broke my hub a while back. I rode it around with one crank for a while, saving up for a new unicycle with stronger parts, and eventually snapped the other side of the hub off. It really annoyed me not having a unicycle to ride (I hadn’t yet learned how to wheel walk), so I bought a second hand 5’ giraffe to use temporarily while saving for a better unicycle. It was slow to get places on the 20" wheel, but it definitely was better than riding a bicycle. I now have a MUni with profile hub/cranks. It is far superior to the crappy ones I used to ride. If you are going to continue doing antics like jumping off picnic tables I’d suggest getting a splined setup.