new hub

On a lighter note to the previos thread, i was thinking of up grading my hub becasue my confidence is building especially since i invested in the 661 pads so i need my uni to keep up,

i have a niumbus trials so the nimbus frame if thats gunna help make choices, but then what about cranks do they need to be the same as the hub or can i keep my old ones? and then how do i atach my new hub or us it cum wiv instructions or will the local bike shop do it.

thanks the juggler

If I were you I would be too lazy to install a new hub myself and I would just have the bike shop do it. I dont see whats the big deal with hubs these days but what everybody says is that you need a good hub, so whatever. I dont know what kind of cranks you have on it right now, but I reccomend getting some KH, or profiles from then if you want a hub then get the KH, or the potanzer or something high end.

nooooooooo, not the bike shop nooooo.

get somebody who knows one end of a unicycle from the other, like roger & co at

seriously i’ve had bad things happen to my unicycle in the hands of seemingly competent bike mechanics.

If you’re in the USA you are welcome to PM me and we can talk about your needs. I do custom work on unicycles only and work with all wheel sizes and types. You’ll get the highest quality work.