"New Hood" - Uneed Films

Check it out on the Unicycle Lab
Let me know what you think. Just trying to keep it clean. Sweet new spot I am stoked on.



Sweet vid man. Really excited to see something new come from you. You have some of my favorite videos to watch.
Nice spot. And I really love the colors and angles.
Cant wait to see a new vid of new stuff.


Yeah, I second that. Looks like a sweet spot, plus the way you film, edit and ride really creates an aesthetically pleasing edit. Visually, it’s a total treat, well done mate!


Nice man! I’ve been thinking of filming a video like that (centering around one spot). Of course mine wouldn’t be near as nice as yours and I would need a camera.:stuck_out_tongue: Keep it up!

Yesss. I had been waiting for a new video of you for a long time!

It was awesome. I am pleased.

i missed you. now you have returned.


DUDE!!! what is that song? its a Ratatat something?!?!

Thanks for all the kind words.

Its called “Drugs” its on Ratatats new album LP4, which comes out June 8th.

I wasn’t going to even put it on youtube, but then I saw that Ratatat is doing some weird video stuff with a bird and a green screen. Which could only mean they want people to make their own videos (with the bird). So I figured as long as in the description I put “go pre-order the album at ratatatmusic.com” they wouldnt mind the video. Took less than 8 hours for the vid to be removed.

Any way the album is pretty sick, which is expected from Ratatat.

Awesome video, it was sweet how it was… idk, almost like a story I guess. I don’t usually see that much thought put into a unicycle video. The filming, editing, music, and your clean/smooth style all fit nicely together. :slight_smile:

Great video! I love it when people put in the extra effort with the editing/filming.

just great :wink:

Very nice! Looking forward to more vids :D.

your videos are always amazing :slight_smile: nice big spin! and the 360 hoptwist looked cool also.