new homemade unicycle

yes, you guessed it, i made another dodgey unicycle. this one took me 24 minutes to build. it’s got a 7.5" rim and 40mm cranks. it’s really, really hard to ride, the furthest i got was 5metres after about 4 minuts of riding. does anybody else have any really, really small wheeled unicycles?

sorry the pics on its side.

lol, that thing looks so funny, I would love to try and ride that.

You mean like this? This was a photo from Torchlight Parade during UNICON 2002 in Seattle.

duuude i want one!!!


When I learned to ride, I was in a youth circus. We had a bunch of crazy unicycles… one of the tamest of which was a small wheeled one. They called it a helicopter wheel… we were led to believe that’s what the wheel came from, not sure how true that was.

It was tough to ride as you had to make corrections way faster to keep up with it. Nobody was going to win any races on it :slight_smile:

I wish I had pictures of that collection though… some crazy stuff they had…

DM used to make a uni with a really small wheel…

can you ride that thing? if you can i’m sure it would take forever to get anywhere you wanted to go. not really a “fastest time from point a to point b” type of uni, huh? :smiley:

i want to make one of those
gear it so it goes insanely fast though!

haha get the one w/ the rollerblade wheel and do it tho, make it peel out!!!

Take a close look at that photo that Yoopers posted. Looks like about a 3" wheel geared up to maybe a 20" or so. That would just feel strange to ride.

out of couristosity(purposely spelt rong) where was the wheel from

Looks like the front of a tricycle welded to a cut up bike frame.

Here’s a small one for ya.

spudboy there is dead right.

i got the bike seat tube thingo and cut it into a length, and then welded that over the forks of a kids tricycle.

it took me 5 mins to cut through the tube, cause i didnt have a hacksaw and the angle grinder disc was too worn down, i got through it with a drill bit and a hammer drill :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s cool lookiing but that really SCREAMS “CLOWN-CYCLE”!:smiley:

senc u talking about '‘big’'wheel’s : Peter Rosendahl of Sweden,. Peter got the Guiness World Record of riding the smallest unicycle with 15mm diameter wheel.

oh dear god, i dont want to look like a clown.

i mean theres nothing wrong with it, its just not me.

thats a small unicycle that guys got there

how much would you sell that for?

i cant sell the seat or seatpost, cause that’s off my good unicycle :P. (the diametre is 25.4 or something like that.)

i’d sell it to you, but you probably wouldnt want it as such, i’ve already bent the left crank (no matter, i can bend it back with my hands :P), and the tyre isnt inflatable (dont ask me, i dont know, theres nowhere to fill it up from and its weird), and it’s got lollypop bearings (these arent too crash hot).

do you still perform at southbank, i’ll pop by one day and give you a ride

no that you put it like that maybe I dont want it

yeah I perform at south bank but havnt don so for a while and probably wont for a bit cause its the holidays

well i was gonna do a KH 12" but maybe when i’m feeling richer, coz you gotta have the onza 127’s cut down and rewelded.