new homemade giraffe

i took my old learner unicycle and me and my dad turned it in to a giraffe big video(4 meg) small video(2 meg)

we took the center tubr out of a bike and he welded all the nessasory bits and pieces on

what do you guys think of it??

just uploaded pics

see my gallery or click the link

I think you spent more time fixing it that you’ve done riding it!


only because i broke it

ill fix it propper tomarrow

I’d like everyone to know, I let Dale cut my childhood bike into pieces so he could make this.

I haven’t ridden in it over 2 years, but now it’s in pieces, I miss it. haha.

it was dads idea nathan,

you can ride the unicycle aswell haha

I can’t ride unicycles, you know that.

And now the one I was learning to ride is 644657546 ft tall now.

wow that looks soooooo much better than the one i made

Thats awsome dale! I wish i had a raffie:(

Nice idea, it should be solid once you get the problems worked out!

nice uni you got there. it looks and seems so much better than some other homemade giraffes ive ridden. it also seems to not screw up every ten seconds. good job!

have you tried the different gears yet

out of couriosity what tyre is that

if the bike was originaly heat treated, then re-welding it will make it weak
keep an eye out on the welds and look for fractures.
till then, have fun.

haha, nice ride Dale. I still have to get around to building mine. Then ill race you in the streets :roll_eyes:


mmm its just a bmx tire from a bike shop, i dont know

and it does screw up like every other ride so im gonna have to fix that

looks much better than my homemade giraffe, mine’s frame isn’t strait so you are always leady kind backwards, and the seat makes me bleed, I don’t ride it much.

also out of curisoity, could you put up a tutorial, if this thread is not too old

That’s a pretty radical uni you got there. I guess not all custom-made giraffes look the same. :slight_smile:

Indeed they don’t.
I think the term “custom” justifies that.