New High End Trials/MUni frame!

Hi All,

Over the last while I’ve been working to get a new MUni frame built that’s
designed specifically for technical downhill and trials. Finally I got the
prototype Friday and have been riding it all weekend. So far it is awesome, and
it should be available this spring on

The basic features include:

-A frame of good-quality CrMo, not Ti due to $$, but it is quite light- lighter
than either the Hunter or the DMATU frame. -Miyata style bearing housings that
fit either a Profile or DMATU splined hub (40mm bearings). Shims will
eventually be available for people who (for reasons of $$ or less agressive
riding styles), chose to use a standard hub with 35mm OD bearing. -designed to
use with a 24x3" tire and wide rim. The forks are ovalized (almost bladed)
tubes that fit as closely as possible to a Gazz 24x3" tire. -specifically set
up to facilitate gliding. The fork crown is at right-angles to the fork blades
(bevelled at the corners to prevent bashing your knees on the fork crown) and
has grip built into it so that your foot is very secure on the fork crown while
gliding. -Fits a Magura Hydraulic brake and the frame will come with the mount
for a disk caliper once I get specs from Profile. The Magura mounts are “Monty
mod-bike style” which means that no brake booster is required (no available
brake boosters fit over a 3" tire, as far as I know). -fork blades are fairly
thin-walled for lightness but have a reinforced top section, just below the
fork crown, where the uni usually gets bashed when you wipe out. -fits a
standard 27.2mm bike seatpost.

I’ll get a picture online as soon as I can.

This frame has forks meant for the big 24x3" tire, but eventually it will also
be made with shorter fork blades to fit a Monty setup as well.

This is the best MUni setup I’ve used so far so I’m pretty psyched about it.
I’ll probably ride this for a couple of weeks to tweak any other design stuff
and then it should be available after that.

BTW an opinion on the “ultimate” trials setup: In my opinion this depends very
much on your goals and your style. In the bike world, riding trials on a stock
frame is considered by many people as more purist than riding on a mod-bike
since you’re basically taking a “normal” setup and riding hard stuff with it.
Similarly with unicycling, I instinctively like the thought that with a 24x3"
setup you can do either as well. However, my feeling is that the highest-end
urban trials will be eventually done on a Monty-style setup, and much the harder
natural-terrain stuff will be done on a 24x3" tire setup. The exception is
gapping perpendicular to round railings where the big tire is an advantage.
Street style riding (ie Dan Heaton style grinds etc.) is definately the dominion
of the Monty setup.


Kris Holm

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