new here

hi everybody, i am new here and do not yet own a unicycle. i will be going to the unithon in GA next weekend to get a unicycle!

Hey rookie Rider! Welcome to the forums! good luck in your learning to ride, you’ll be addicted in no time!

Hey, welcome! Feel free to ask anyone here for questions, people will be more than happy to help, and dont be afraid to get out and talk to people. Were here to help :slight_smile:


welcome man

Nice one Graham but you forgot to mention the search feature, if you have a question be sure to search first or people will be mean and stuff and yeah…

Hey, welcome to the forums!

Lots of friendly people you can ask for advice, and don’t forget to use the search button. :slight_smile:

Welcome! Fell free to post questions or comments here in rsu about anything pertaining to unicycling, and also check out our other forums:

Hi there! Unicycling is great, once your up you’ll be hooked. Unless your in the very small portion of people that dont like it :stuck_out_tongue: