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Hello Everyone, i am borrowing my friends Torker LX and ive had it for 1 day. And i can already ride really good forwards and can do turns…like so i can ride forwards and do little turns. Im still working on getting on it with out holding on to something…the unicycle is too big for me since my friend is like 4 inches bigger then me. Also when ever i am riding it, it hurts my pelvis area, and gets it all soar, do you know what is up with that? Also can you give me any tips how to ride backwards, and do bunnyhops? And for my last question, what kind of unicycle should i get, i want to eventually do trials after i can ride good, and i am 5 ft tall, and i want a cheap one? Thank you!, also if this helps i weigh 80 pounds. Thanks again!

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welcome to the forums! if you want to do some good tirals you’ll want something with a splined hub. learning to ride backwards is like learning to ride forwards all over again. to hop simply grab your seat, have your cranks horizontal to the ground and bounce up and down. :stuck_out_tongue: . i’d help with the pelvis question but i dont know what that is :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your crotch soreness will go away once youve been riding for a while. Bike shorts will help,they will stop the seat from rubbing your legs.

As for a trials uni i ride a 19" bedford witha KH hub. Its cost me about $400 to set up. But if you want something cheaper then a 20" torker DX will be great. Its about $250 and has a splined hub so it wont bend as easily as the one youve got now.


is the Nimbus 20 inch Trials Unicycle good, its only $180 of, also how long will it take, it hurts so bad, that i cant even ride it well…Also how would you reccomend starting up like with out using a car? Thanks!

Freemounting just takes practice. It will come soon, dont you worry. As for the pain, it shouldnt take long for it to go away just keep riding, you will get used to it.

The Nimbus Trials has pretty much thesame hub as the torker LX you are currently on. I say if you want a good trials uni then go for the Torker DX 20"

lol it sounds like you are sitting on yourself… LX seats usually aren’t that bad to someone who has never ridden a unicycle before
put your"jewels" in front of you, there is an illustration on this site somewhere… if i feel like finding it in a little while i will

Here is the link. Complete with drawings! :astonished: :smiley:

Ok thanks…but what are the differences between the hubs, if it is durability i dont think i could break it…

A cotterless hub (square-tapered) is just a square design, its not bad, but once you start doing things over a few feet, which will occur soon, they can easily bend and break, especially if your not having a good rollout when you land.

I dont know if you can see it that well in this picture, but this is what they look like. Hub, and Crank.

The splines hub, has grooves cut out from the axle, so it isnt a square anymore, but it makes it so much stronger, which means even with a bad technique, its gonna take a lot to bend or break your hub\cranks.

The splined setup is more expensive, but so extremely worth it in the long run.

Splined Hub and cranks.

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welcome to the forums.

here is some tips on riding backwards:

Thanks i like the splined hubs, so does the Torker TX, or whatever it was the one you said was better have a splined hub? Thanks

This will ease with experience, but there are things that may help the process along:
>Are you putting your weight on the set? Almost all of your weight should be on the seat.
>Are you trying to grip the seat with your legs? I recently had a non-rider ask if I was doing this to control the cycle and that made me think that it may be part of the chaffing problem. Look at your knees, are they close together or are they pointed more toward the sides? If your knees are pointed straight ahead then your thighs are probably rubbing on the seat. It would be interesting to look at experienced riders vs novices to see if this is a common difference. This may be something someone could graph (Klass Bil?) and analyse, distance the knees are apart vs chaffing problems vs rider experience.

These two areas may be a large part of the problem and they will affect each other, if you aren’t putting your weight on the seat then you may be, unconsciously, trying to control the uni by gripping it.

Ok ill go look at that in a little to see. How i ride it! Also do you have any tips on how you mount, like the way im trying is i get my foot and put it on the rear pedal and then so i go backwards then forwards, is that a good newbie way? Thanks!

(One of the many suggestions you’ll get…)

I learned to freemount using a 12 inch piece of 2x4. I would lay it down on the ground and bring the back of my wheel up against it. The trick was learning how to get up onto the uni without having the wheel roll backwards over the block. Too much weight (which I have a lot of) and the wheel rolls over. Just the right amount of pressure and you’re up and moving. After you get the hang of mounting using the block, try it without it. If you still have problems mounting without the block you can swap the 2x4 for a thinner plank of wood and that will get you putting even less pressure onto the pedal as you mount. You’ll wean yourself off the block pretty quick. I found that this technique helped me learn how much weight on the pedal was too much and how much was just right.

Hope it works for you. :smiley: Good Luck

Torker TX is a giraffe unicycle, with square-tapered hubs, the LX is probably what you ment to say, and it too has the square-tapered hub. The only Torker unicycle that is splined, is the DX.

For Mounting, check out these videos.

Vid 1

Vid 2

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On Sat, 10 Jun 2006 11:09:08 -0500, Pantelis wrote:

>Also do you
>have any tips on how you mount, like the way im trying is i get my foot
>and put it on the rear pedal and then so i go backwards then forwards,
>is that a good newbie way?

That is called a rollback mount and it is one variation of the basic
mount, good for beginners and pros alike.

Tips on riding, freemounting, idling, turning and that sort of basic
stuff is in the freely downloadable pd file “Learning to Unicycle”,
see here:

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Thanks for the link im going to check it out, ive rode the Rollback Mount 2 times now. But i will get better when i get my Torker LX 20 inch today!!!

I never realy did the rollback, I kind of started out with a static. I think it’s easeir, but that’s probably because Iv’e only tried the rollback a couple of times.:smiley:

Which is the static?

When the wheel doesn’t move at all; the pedals stay horizontal. basicly the same as a rollback, only you don’t roll back.