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Welcome scotty watty
I just wanted to suggest an ankle brace as I read through this thread. When you need to put your feet down you’re going to have to do it FAST! It might help prevent a sprained or twisted ankle :astonished: I’m thinking of the kind that laces up and is worn inside your sneakers.
I learned on a 20" Schwinn back in the late 70’s and am 6’ tall but very lightweight. Back then the only choices were 20 or 24, but I think I made the right choice. I think the smaller wheel is easier to control and keeps you closer to the ground making it easier to step on and off if your saddle is adjusted slightly low. Now that I can ride, a 26" actually suits my height and makes going anywhere less tedious. But a 20" can provide a pretty good workout without having to go very far, and in a pretty short amount of time too :roll_eyes:

Thanks everyone for your feedback…so helpful… :slight_smile: