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new here…how does one prevent saddle sore…do the BALEAF Men’s Bike Cycling Underwear Shorts 3D Padded Bicycle MTB really work…thinking of getting a unicycle…but don’t want to be sore and then put the unicycle away due to pain…i’m about 6’3…258 pounds…thinking of getting a 26 inch…is a nimbus stronger than a a club?

Saddle soreness usually is the least of your worries as a beginner. You are probably not going to be sitting on the saddle, for more than a minute at a time, in your first few practice sessions. I wouldn’t worry about it immediately, fix the problem once you have it.

Aside from that, everyones butt is different, so which padded shorts work well (or maybe none of them do) really depends on your body, and your seat.

The Nimbus II comes with stronger cranks, hub, and rim. Probably worth the extra $ if you can spare it. I haven’t heard any reports on UDC Clubs failing, but considering your weight, I think the added peace of mind with the Nimbus would probably be worth it.

The traditionally recommended size for learning is 20", but for your size a 24" or 26" is probably good too.

Hey Scotty, any comfortable padded biking shorts will help.
They won’t take away all of the pain though. Time in saddle and better technique will help ease the pain.
Build up the length of time riding/practicing so you don’t overdo it in the beginning.

Go for the Nimbus. It won’t let you down.
I think you get what you pay for. In this case better components.

Being a big guy, if you’re just learning then maybe a 19"-20" might make the first few falls a little easier. They are going to happen.
If you already know how barely ride then go for the 26"

I’m 6’3" and 185lb and spent 20 hours on 19", then 1 year on a 26" Nimbus II, about 3 years on a 29" Nimbus Oracle, and now about 2 years on a 29" KH.
Every time I bought a new unicycle I was able to sell the previous one.

The whole point is buy the best you can afford and hopefully it’s good enough for you.

Go for it!

Boy that Finnspin sure sounds like a smart guy. :slight_smile:

Seriously, you should be wishing for saddle soreness! That will mean you’ve made it past the tough, beginning stages.

I’m with Canoeheadted; even though you’re a big guy, I’d still go for a beginners’ 19"-20". Yes, you are bigger and taller, but this means you will also be hitting the ground with greater force when you fall. If you choose a 19"-20" as your first unicycle, you will always have it to go back and learn skills.

Welcome to the forum! Keep us posted on your progress.

A smaller wheel is easier to turn too as a beginner!

One uni is never good enough. Sometimes a new one is the better one and another time the previous one had something that you actually miss in your latest uni, but oops you sold the previous uni. :smiley:

Welcome! As others have said, saddle soreness would be a nice problem to have. I’ve only been riding for a few months, and I don’t think I’ll be doing enough distance any time soon for this to be a concern.

However! Preserving your family jewels is crucial, and you’ll almost certainly be feeling pain from that direction. I wear cycling shorts just for this reason, and the pair that works best are an old pair of Zoic shorts that I bought in 1999, but road shorts work too. I’ve been considering getting these, but GBP 28.50 seems like a lot to drop on a pair of undercrackers.

Club vs Nimbus?

How new are you? Can you ride?

Welcome Scotty Watty!

To prevent saddle soreness, avoid sitting on saddles. :stuck_out_tongue: If you’re going to sit on saddles anyway, it’s a process of learning which saddle/s work for your particular anatomy. Sorry, that’s not very helpful. If your current uni has a kids-sized saddle, that won’t be very good for a large guy

BALEAF shorts? Never tried them. What I do recommend is a pair of quality padded bike shorts for any prolonged amount of riding. It’s less necessary during learning, or activities where you’re on and off the seat a lot.

Hard to answer what you should buy next (or first?) without more information, but 26" should be fine for a guy your size, even for learning. It will be a little more sluggish than a 24" or 20", but it’s totally usable, and gets you places faster. Yes, Nimbus is superior to the Club models in that respect.

I do not have a uni as of yet…i sat on one a long time ago…and it was something new…but always wanted to try to ride one…but as time goes on…i am more curious…i was hit by a drunk diver while walking…and it atrophied my left chin muscle…so i can’t run…my foot flops and i trip a lot…unicycles look like a pretty good exercise…i have an exercise bike but after a while…i get used to it…and dont have hours to ride it.loking for something new with a good cardio exercise…:).

With your physical imparment it sounds like you could ride a unicycle. However running out an unplanned dismount (UPD) off the front may be a deal breaker. As a beginner and even as an experienced rider you WILL have to run full out to prevent a face plant when you come off the front. If you can not run fast, as least for a shot distance maybe full safety gear including a full face helmet would be in order.

I hear you JimT…when i power walk…i have to have a helmet, knees pads, elbow pads and wrist pads…i’v fallen many times…the helmet kept me from smacking my head a few times…:slight_smile:

Welcome I went to a bike shop and they told me about a lotion you can use prior to doing any riding that will reduce the chaffing or soreness from long rides. Not sure what it is as I didn’t get it at the time, I find saddle soreness only problem if you happen to be sitting on the saddle longer then 20 consecutive minutes or so. When you’re learning it’ll be tough to stay seated for more then 20 seconds.

I have a Nimbus II 24" and it’s a solid uni if a bit pricey, but as others have said get a 20" it’ll be way easier to learn then a 26" you might be able to get away with a 24" but I learned on a 20". As for price maybe a club would be the better one to get. Since you don’t want an overly cheap uni as they tend to fall apart and you don’t want to spend too much just in case this isn’t for you and you don’t waste too much money on a hobby you’re not enjoying.

Some uni rider find chamois cream (butt butter) the be helpful to prevent chafing on longer rides. For me, even on all day rides I’ve never used it or had any chafing issues.
Here is a past thread:
If your saddle soreness is from pressure and not chafing, butt butter will likely not help. For pressure, lack of circulation or numbness most riders find a short rest or pedaling with no weight in the saddle for a few revolutions every so often to be helpful.

Everyone is different, try different saddles. different adjustments and do what works for you.

Are clubs pretty solid? i am just looking for a uni for cardio…strengthen legs…eventually ride for a couple miles…i hope… not for doing tricks…slowly i am losing weight…

Clubs are solid, I suggest doing nothing extreme with the cranks though as it’s a cotterless Interface. The standard saddle on a club is very uncomfortable though and you might want to switch it.

Hi @scotty watty, having read about you, I would suggest learning to ride a 20” uni first and you may need to get an extra long seat pole. You might be able to find someone to borrow the 20” uni from.

It will be safer to learn on than a 26er.

Thank you Gockie…:slight_smile:

I have never ridden one before…