New here, new to the sport

Hello Everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Krissy! Laughs as if you couldn’t tell…

Anyways, I just started unicycling and I love it. I am not very good yet, actually I am still in the very primary stages of learning. I would really love it if you could leave some suggestions on how to improve my skills, I would be ever grateful!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hanging out on these forums as I become a better unicyclist!


Hi Krissy,
Welcome to the wonderful world of unicycling. The best way to get better is to practice, practice, practice!

Of course it helps to practice things right too :slight_smile: If at all possible try to meet up with some other unicyclists as you will learn lots faster when you can see someone doing what you are trying to do. Also they will be able to offer helpful tips.

If you don’t have access to unicycling friends get some books out from your library or buy some books or videos off of

Some good books are
“How to ride a unicycle” by Charlie Dancey
“Unicycling from beginner to expert” by Sebastian Hoher

Good videos to get hold of for learning purposes are “One wheel jamming” and “One wheel no limit”

There is a plethora of information on the internet. For starters check out

Another great place to start out is Tammy and Tanya’s home page

Don’t forget you can search through the archives of the newsgroup for lots of info from old conversations. Most of your initial questions will probably have already been answered sometime.

Welcome Krissy,

Peter pretty much summed up the tips 'n tricks aspect. You’ve chosen a great sport and hobby. Like juggling and playing some musical instruments, it only takes a couple weeks to learn the basics, but you can spend a lifetime mastering it. There’s always something new to learn…

Unicycling is more fun riding with someone else, and you’ll build your skills faster. Check out the Unicycling Society of America for a list of affiliate unicycling clubs…there may be one in your area you can link up with.

Good Riding!

Re: New here, new to the sport

another word of welcome

these forums are a stunning tool to becoming a better unicyclist
i’m currently embarking on a study to establish if u can get better by JUST reading the forums

i’ll keep u posted

Re: Re: New here, new to the sport

I say ‘know’. :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil

I thought I’d be nice and say welcome, but everybody else said it before me. Never mind, another welcome here:


Happy learning, keep us posted with your progress!



The very first thing to do is to upload a personal photo here:

so we can assess whether or not you have “the look” of the unicyclist. Image is everything, ya know…at least that’s what they say on the telly. Once the assessment is complete, you’ll receive permission to advance toward becoming a unicyclist and then be issued the standard info package on bizarreness in order to continue discussion on this newsgroup. Once your initiation is complete, the last requirement to becoming a full-fledged unicyclist is to accomplish the following in this order:

  1. purchase one municycle and necessary protective gear
  2. purchase one Coker
  3. find a unicycle in the trash and post pictures of it in the gallery
  4. join the Unicycling Society of America
  5. register and attend NAUCC in Minneapolis
  6. post your deep thoughts and life’s ambitions here and monitor your post count to insure an average post count of 0.93 posts per day.

Once all that’s complete, you should be sufficiently versed in the requirements of being a unicyclist and will be sent your personal invitation to attend your graduation ceremony. The ceremony will be at your house in front of your friends and family. Be sure to take lots of pictures and post them in the gallery since we will not be able to attend.

President, pro tem
Bizarre Unicyclists of America

(please cast your vote for Raphael for president)

stop assing about typing and get out and ride
( i cant cause ive knackered my knee!)


“How to ride a unicycle” by Charlie Dancey
very good book i have it + it’s helped/helping me loads i’m a kinda newbie i suppose i’ve bin riding for bout 4/5 months i got my uni for xmas and i love it to bits i’ve even named it! (i know u may think i’m said but well it deserves a name! it’s called Pip) i’ve got free mounting + i’m learning 2 idle and soon (if i can pluck up enough courage!) i’m going 2 attempt the suicide mount…:S
tips from me…

~well use yr arms 2 balacn peope say hold on 2 the seat but that just puts me off balance my motto is look like a piolet, then you’ll fly like one too!
~think of good come backs 2 shut up the stupid people who tease you

good luck

Call me uneducated, or in the dark. But I can’t figure out half of what you guys are saying… Can someone explain all this Uni slang to me?! Like honest to goodness I cannot figure out what a coker is and whatnot. That’d be great to know…


Don’t mind Bruce, he’s just trying to win your respect by making it sound like he knows what he’s talking about. I on the other hand make 3.6 posts a day apparently, so therefore I must know what I’m talking about.[1]

A coker (like this) is a unicycle with a truly massive wheel. Your unicycle probably has a wheel 20 inches across; a coker is a huge 36 inches across.

“Municycling” is Mountain Unicycling, often referred to here as MUni. Sometimes pavements just aren’t challenging enough, so people ride up and down huge great hills and mountains.

The most common acronym people ask about is “UPD”… UnPlanned Dismount. More controlled than falling off, but something you didn’t mean to do…


[1] You believe that, you’ll believe anything…

That job’s already taken. It belongs to my boys. :slight_smile:

How do i find my average posting?

I actually was considering asking this question.

On one of your posts press the “profile” button. You have 1,16


goto your profile which can be found here as well:
looks like you average 1.16 posts per day so far…

Wow! A fellow Burlingtonian! Welcome!

If you can, do check out the Toronto Unicyclists Club. Darren Bedford is great for equipment if you ever need it, and the people there are all friendly too

Only 1.16, i’d better post some more!! (see more fun at PI yards per revolution)

dont know about your education and i dont know about the elictricity supply in your neck of canada but i can suggest when u come accross some uni-slang to either ask in one of these forums (pref. in JUST CONVERSATION - before the topic police get to u)
to use the search function
it’s at the bottom of the page and is the best way to keep up with the jargon and still look kewl
dont tell anyone



As you’ve already been provided sufficient information to get you started and confused enough by others here, I will not attempt to add to either.

However, I do have a question for you since not a few of us are conspiracy theorists of the highest order.

You have clearly registered your name as an acronym. Why, what does it stand for and what exactly are you up to?

Welcome (conditionally offered pending your establishment as a force for good and not evil),
Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Of course the really kewl people know that the search button is at the top of the page… :wink: