New here... but Uni for 32 years...

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Please let me know when you come to Gatlinburg. As for Marietta, if I make it down, I will be there on Thursday, July 10th only. And, I’ll probably have my whole family with me, the girls will want to ride some different unicycles too.

I got my wife the 20" Stealth Torker. The seat is pretty good, and the Torker can take a beating. Not to mention it looks pretty good compared to similarly priced Uni’s.

Thanks for the info on the 20" Torker. It does look like a well put together Uni for the money. My 11 year old daughter likes it lots better than the Blue Jugglebug. --chirokid–


UniBrier, thanks for the welcome.

My 25" Schwinn was NOT my first uni, I got my first one in 1972. I found it in the Sears & Roebuck Christmas Catalog. Santa then brought it to me for Christmas. I promptly busted my father’s shin the first time I tried to mount it. The Schwinn Uni was a cheapo model, mostly molded plastic and mashed metal. The crank was one piece that ran through the middle of the hub. I literally destroyed it from use, not abuse.

My 24" Schwinn has performed flawlessly over the years. Except like you, I started breaking spokes while in college. But I was breaking several per/day while doing spins, or hopping. Finally I found a shop in Atlanta that re-laced it with really strong spokes. I have never had another spoke break.

My Schwinn is also an all steel model. Some of the later ones had an alloy rim, and maybe the forks were alloy, but I’m not sure. One of my cousins bought one of these, barely learned to ride it and then sold it before offering it to me. It was much lighter than my boat anchor.

Another reason I now need a Coker, and a Muni, and a 20" trials, and… :smiley: --chirokid–

Re: New here… but Uni for 32 years…

Mikefule <> wrote:
> It’s weird, like spending years thinking you’re the only unicyclist for
> hundreds of miles, ploughing a lone furrow, then discovering a huge and
> thriving unicycling subculture.

Every time I move house to a new area, and start exploring on my uni, I
wonder if this timne I’l bump into the “other” unicycle scene, the
underground one I don’t know about. So far I just find that I might meet
one or two unicyclists but they either know the people I do, OR ( more
exciting) they don’t and I can try and drag them along to Uni meets and
stuff and watch them get all droppy jawed and excited.

Now we’re settling in Exeter, I’m starting to think about trying to start
up a unicycle club, I miss playing hockey.

Any takers

Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders

Ya i live in Memphis…I was up there for a homeschool convention in Farragut but then we went and stayed in the B&B Sunday and Monday night and came home Tuesday afternoon. No i don’t own a coker…i did ride my 20" around pigeon forge for about 2 miles sunday afternoon, and then monday we went shopping in Gatlinburg. oh ya i only had some generic 20" with me because i left my house last wednesday and my Summit 20" go to my house on thursday…Worst timing ever. :frowning: