New here and need some advise...

Hello… I’m 52 years old and want to get back into unicycling as an exercise program to deal with my expanding gut and build up my calf and ankle from an achilles sever. I was cleaning out the attic and pulled down the Semcycle 20", got on it and rode it up and down the street. I think I’m hooked again. I rode a 20" Schwinn to high school everyday when I was a kid.

This is the dilemma and I’m hoping I can get some advise.

I don’t like the Sem… has to be a 1997 model with a Rigida wheel, 300 seat post, welding cam action post clamp, and 125mm cranks. It rides good but the seat post has gotten deformed from the clamping… seems like the post material is just too thin. The tire is cracked and really should be replaced.

Rather than sinking 50-60 bucks in a new seat post, tire, tube, and the time to clean this thing up, I’m thinking about buying a new one.

At a minimum, I’d go to a 24" because I want to start riding it around town (paved roads, sidewalks, paved bike paths). I don’t see myself doing any off road stuff, or anything other than hopping a curb and riding down steps…

I’ve read about the 26" and 29" and wonder if either of these might suit my needs better, but still want to be manueverable for messing around on the driveway.

I love the look of the Torker DX, the specs, the frame especially, but didn’t want to spend the money and definitely don’t want the fat knobby tire… but the frame… nice.

The Torker AX looks good too (don’t need square frame head)… but then it is 24" or 29"… I can wait a while for it to come out and practice up a bit on my Sem.

I wouldn’t mind putting together my own custom either… If I could figure out which parts… since I don’t need all the off road technology, the parts shouldn’t be that bad.

The main issue is 24, 26, or 29… and I want a good post and removeable post clamp, my Sem is welded on so I can’t change it.

Sorry for getting so long winded, but I might as well spell it all out…

Thanks in advance.


to have something to mess around with and ride, i would recomend a 24" with 125mm cranks.

Yes, 24" for the best mix, and 125mm if the emphasis is on cruising, or 140mm if the emphasis is on messing around in the driveway (or playing basketball).

If it were me, I’d get the Nimbus II 24-inch Red Unicycle from Love the red alloy rim, super-comfy seat, and nice frame. But the 48-spoke wheel is a bit of overkill.

If you’re budget-minded you could get the Torker CX 24", but you’ll probably want to upgrade the seat. It’s not as comfortable as other brands, and why suffer?

All the other choices here are fine as well; it’s mostly a matter of taste, comfort and budget. If, in the future you start getting into lots of hopping, curbs or off-roading, you’ll want something stronger but you’ll probably know that by then.

John, Thanks for the link…

If I went for the Torker LX 26", what would I give up over the 24". Is the seat more comfortable than the CX? I could always put my Sem seat on it… its comfortable but dated looking… I like the handle thing. Later, if I went to a 29" AX, I could always put a 24" wheel on the LX couldn’t I.

Another question, what are the riding characteristics of a 29"?

Is there a consideration with respect to finding tires and tubes in one size versus another?

26" and 20" tires are easiest to find and have the biggest selection. i like the lx seat but others don’t, the problem is that it has a different hole pattern for seatpost attachment, so i don’t think your gonna be able to use your old sem seat. you gave up a little control, because the 24 is a little bit nimbler than a 26, and freestyle tricks won’t be as easy to do.

Are there any differences between the 2006 and 2007 LX models? If so, what?


i don’t think so, though they might have fixed the frame problem. on the 06 modles the seat tube was not straight, it was bent a little forwards.

Yeah bigger is harder for tricks an basic balance.
A larger wheel will roll more smoothly especially over bumbs (but suonds like you won’t be doing much of that), is faster, a bit less manuverable, and farther to fall.

I plan to graduate from my 24" to a 29" soon for the speed and improve my riding skills. I’m planning to get the Nimbus 29".

Edit: I feel the shape of the LX seat is better than the CX, but hard as a rock and therefore horibly uncomfortable. Other than that seat I’d say the LX would be a good choice. If you get the 26" you’d probably also want to get some shorter cranks.

First of all, welcome to the forum. There are plenty of us ‘geezers’ on here and it’s good to have one more. I’m a big fan of a 24" for general riding around. I like the maneuverability of the smaller wheel. I live less than a mile from town and use my 24 to go into town on a regular basis. That being said, if you get really hooked on this you’ll garner a collection of unis in no time. I’ve got a 20", two 24s, a 29 and a 36. 29 is a really good machine if you really plan to ride distances of 3 or 4 or more miles on a regular basis.

Personally, I would recommend either getting a 24", which is more versatile, or a 29", which is big enough for reasonable speed. A 26" is kind of a weak compromise; it’s not significantly faster than the 24", and it’s more awkward to do anything with.

The 26" has a lot more tire selection, but if you’re just planning to do road riding, you don’t need a tire selection; you need a slick, and there are plenty of decent 24" slicks.

if price is no object id recomned he kh 29 a little faster than a 24 but u can still hop down some curbs good for bad pavement too

and an increasing amount of 29" slicks. :roll_eyes:

just when I was about decided on a 26" too…

I guess what I need is a 24" for farting around and a 29" for the 4 miles into town. Is the 26" really that big of a compromise?

I guess I could get the Torker LX 24" and wait for the 29" AX…

All I know is that my Sem 20" gets me nowhere fast and that is why I was thinking of a 26"… The 24" isn’t that much bigger than the 20". If I’m going to make a jump, go the 26"… it would be a noticeable difference.

Hey, my Semcycle 20"… where does it fall quality wise when compared to the LX? I’ll attach a picture of it. I bought it new in late 97- early 98.

I would say the Torker LX is pretty closely equivalent in quality to the Semcycle. The Semcycle might be slightly stronger; I’ve seen some Torker LX hubs bent on fairly mundane hopping.

If I were regularly doing 4-mile rides, I would definitely choose a 29er over a 26", especially since you still have the 20" for farting around.

The Torker 26LX comes with 170 crank arms, and that is way to long for a street uni so if you go that route you will most likely want to change crank arms

I have to agree, I have two 29ers one for street and one for trails and would not give them up

First piece of advice: Pick a new name! :wink:

Is there much of a disadvantage of choosing the 26" over the 24"? I’m thinking about Nimbus II 24" instead of the Nimbus 26" MUni. I’m planning to do some MUni, probably not a lot of jumps, and some urban cruising. I’ve already thought my way out of needing a splined hub … :thinking:

I just ordered the Torker LX 24" (2007). Couldn’t decide between the 24" or 26" and finally decided the 24" will allow me to practice idling, turning, etc.

I’ll then most likely buy the Torker AX 29" when it comes out next month for distance riding.

It was going to cost me about $75 to put a new tire, tube, seat post, cranks on my Semcycle… the Torker LX 24" was $78… and, from what I understand, is heads above the Semcycle in quality… plus the Torker has a frikkin 2 bolt seat post clamp and a larger post!

Good choice

My thought process was pretty much identical to yours and I also got the Torker LX 24 this past June. I had not ridden since I was 17 (now 46). iMy riding is commuting only (not planning on tricks…). It is a great uni to learn on…I have been very happy with it…butam about to move on to a 29 for a less frantic ride.