NEw help needed

I am looking at starting to ride but dont really know what to get. I want to do tricks and stuff once i get better but i dont want to buy a unicycle just to have to buy another one when i am good enough to do tricks and stuff is there a unicycle i can buy thats good to start one and can stand up to tricks and stuff?

In hind sight, I should have asked this question before I purchase a unicycle.

It all depends on what kind of tricks you plan to do. It you plan to jump around than a trails might be in order.

I bought a QU-AX Crossfire and am happy with it. Try looking at th tread ( Which should I Buy) that follows.

Lastly, welcome and enjoy the hobby.

It depends on the trick. The Torker LX’s are a pretty decent value for general riding. If by tricks, you mean riding in circles, juggling, wheelwalking, etc., it’ll work as good as anything. If by tricks, you mean jumping off the roof, then spend the extra for a DX or some other beefier unicycle. The catch is that the indestuctructible mountain unicycles normally aren’t used for circus type stuff, so you could still wind up buying two.

It might be smarter to get a cheap learner Uni, to see what you like first hand.

Watching vids works, but if you actually experience the style of riding you like, and progress, you may change your mind from what it was before you got the learner uni.

I would reccomend a torker LX 20" or 24"

Thats what I have, I learned on a 24, then got a 20" to do tricks, and I learned unispins on it. Afterwards, I got a street uni, that I absoluely love.

I think that what you learn first affects the style of riding you will do.

I seriously reccomend a Torker LX… Its a solid unicycle that is decent for all riding styles when you are learning. You aren’t going to jump up more than 8 inches on it, it can handle 3 stair drops, (probably more, havn’t done more than that on it though) and Is naturally a freestyle uni.

Go for that, if nothing else.

If you really dont’ want to spend the money to get more than one unicycle, I would reccomend a Nimbus street unicycle. Its pretty solid, withstanding tricks and such, but thats assuming you want to get into flat, street, and a little trials.

If you aren’t cerain which style of riding you prefer, definately go with a Torker LX.

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I agree with every one, start with the Torker LX. I started with a 20" and used it to learn trials type riding to some extent. The down side to the LX is that it is not made for much abuse, drops and such. I upgraded to a DX after one summer with my LX.

I would say get the LX and ride it until it breaks or your skill is beyond the uni. Another option too is to get a second hand DX or some uni in that range.

Good luck picking out a uni and I hope that you like the sport.

This is a bit better then the lx

The ax Torker is a bit lighter, has an alum frame and stainless spokes. I think this is the cheapest place to buy one, although I haven’t bought anything from them.

Buying a expensive uni to start with won’t make learning easier IMHO.

Eh, I would go with the LX because there’s more things you can try out on it.