New helmet mod for sun protection!

I usually avoid the midday sun at all costs, since my family has had cases of melanoma. So, now that I will be doing daytime cokering for probably several hours in the bright sun, I decided to salvage my (UVA/UVB) motorcycle face shield, and try to make it fit my regular skateboard helmet that I use for MUni and all-around uni riding.

Seems to be a good fit and rotates up and down perfectly! Of course, this is in addtion to the 45 spf (w/zinc oxide!) sunblock that I put on daily without fail! The good thing about the sun shield is that it’s can’t be sweated off like the sunblock!

It’s obviously not total sun protection, but it helps! And it also provides added protection against people trying to poke you in the eye with a sharp stick!:wink:


Wow you’ll look like the black knight on the coker when wearing that. I want riding pics.

Maybe video too haha! I may laughed at, but at least I won’t get sunburned!

the only situations in which i can see myself hitting my head while riding are:
A)backwards coasting
B)HSG(high speed gliding)
C)drive-by cannonball shooting:D

mainly because there are no good trials obsticals anywhere near where i live, i would build my own,but im too lazy :roll_eyes:

If all else fails you can get a job on the deathstar.

I’ll count how many times somebody says, “Use the force luke!” :sunglasses:

ah yes…one time i got hit by an unattended parked vehicle while on my unicycle :astonished: …i was idling and it rolled into me…

I’m sure that will help but yeah, on top of riding a unicycle, you will look absolutely ridiculous wearing that.

is that a euphemism? :wink:


last year sometime, or maybe even 2 years ago, i attached a motorbike helmet tinted vizor to my bicycle helmet and rode around on my bike with it. i looked like the biggest dick! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea…I’ve got to agree. Pretty stupid looking :smiley:

Hey, your Twin-Pod Cloudcar is missing a Pod!

Whoa that’s a pretty harsh way to look at yourself! :astonished: I see mtb-ers wearing full-face helmets with sun shields ALL the time! So why would it be such a stretch for MUni-ers to wear a face shield? Here’s a short vid with me wearing it haha! :sunglasses:

Btw, if ppl want to say it looks rediculous, It won’t bother me–not in the least. Maybe younger ppl care 'cause it’s a peer pressure thing, but I’m so past that it’s not funny!..wait, yes it is!!:stuck_out_tongue:

PS: AT least it looks cooler than this: (of course, some of you will probably say you like this better…can’t please everyone, so I don’t even try haha!)


=o you’ve stooped to a new low

How so? What was my previous “low?”:smiley:

I can not wait to see a movie of you riding a store wearing this thing!

Haha me too! I certainly won’t ride inside a BANK with that on!:smiley:

:smiley: :smiley:

I think you will get noticed in Target. You’ll hear more than a cashier telling you to “roll on”.

your silly…:slight_smile:

I’ll ride inside a COSTUME store! The vid will show me riding in without the helmet and 661’, then show me riding around inside up and down the aisles, then fade to the exit where i ride out with the stuff on! Btw, I’m uploading a better version of todays quickie vid showing the helmet visor…stay tuned! You know I almost look like Robocop…RoboGeezer!