New Helmet Cam

real men wear pink

Nice, but how much did you pay? Like I made one for about $10…

it was about 100$ its waterproof too so i can go undewrwater and stuff. and i dont have to worry about duck taping my other camera to my helmet and it getting broken.

i got the ecsact same thing as you for Christmas! its pretty cool but it doesn’t have great quality.

looks cool!

what does it record on to?

me to

me to and you can adjust the quality of the picture

haha, i didnt duck tape mine…Its just like a tripod…but it screws threw my helmet…so if you dont trust mine, then you dont trust a tripod…

Looks awesome.

Why would you wear a helmet underwater?

just in case i wanted to take it in the water like wakeboarding or something

I still wanna see a vid of someone riding there uni underwater.

give me a uni to ruin and ill do it.

from previous experience with mawesome and luke, unicycles tend to float rather well. admittedly we were not trying to sink it, nor did we take out the air, so let me know if you manage it:p

Maybe ride upside-down if the air is still in it. Maybe we can make a syncronized-uni-swim team.

This is getting off topic but you could easily fill a innertube with water instead of air, Mercury would be ideal but a bit expensive and hard to find.

Ready for some pretty cool rider POV clips (MUni please)

I about tried to uni underwater in mexico cus the unicycle I had with me was already pretty much totaled and I was going to be scuba diving. We didn’t get to dive with a camera guy the next day so it didn’t happen. I am going back but I will have to see if I can get a cheap uni before then. The only trick would be to have a ton of weight because otherwise you just kinda spin. I practiced in the pool and got pretty decent. I will see if I can get a video up sometime this year. (need underwater camera case and a new cheapo uni first) but it most defiantly is possible.

Apparently I nearly got one of those for Christmas, as I’ve been occasionally ponderin’ about a helmetcam of some kind for ages. What’s the quality like? Could you post some footage from it?

I got one for Christmas too :slight_smile:

Why would you wear a helmet under water? In case an amphibious car clipped you, I guess. Seems reasonable to me. :thinking:

Eck, and you wouldn’t want to spill any of that mercury into the water either. Bad idea.

Like he said before, it would be for things such as wakeboarding.