New Hell on Wheel Videos

There are some new short videos up on our gallery.

There are some of John doing some bike trials and some of me doing uni trials. i apologize ahead of time for not wearing a helmet, but it was really freakin hot…

Since the trick where you change the thumbnail of the video does not work, i supplied a screenshot to the left of each short. so click on the video, not the screenshot.

these are all done at a little park in Richmond. Not too technical or difficult, just a fun place to do trials.

I hope you enjoy.

edit: oh yeah, they’ll take a couple minutes to dowload. i suggest you SAVE TARGET AS…

Nice stuff as always!


Very nice, I loved the lack of little correcting hops in the last few. From the image of the one near the black metal fence I was all pumped and ready to see you gap onto it. :slight_smile:


Done in a little park in Richmong aye? well I live in Richmond…dont get too excited though, thats’ Richmond in New Zealand, oh well.

i already got excited… :frowning:


Great vids! I too liked how the corrective hops seemed to get phased out! Although I thought that dog was gonna dive on you… tho I guess you would have pedal grabbed its face :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

munimanpete, you got me all excited too :frowning:


Very nice footage!
John, that bike trials stuff is pretty impresive!:slight_smile:
Trip, nice riding as always, I liked the gaps, very cool :sunglasses: