New Hell on Wheel Photos!!!

Finally the pics are up from the American University Ride on Saturday April 9th. The riders were John Glazer, Ben Plotkin-Swing, and me, Trip Glazer. We rode for a little more than 2 hours and had a great time. We took pictures with some crummy disposable cameras so the quality is less than prefereable. I tried to Photoshop some of the pics to fix the lighting problems but I was not too successful. I hope you enjoy!

*Note: Some of the pics were from the night before with just John and me.

Hey, looks awesome! maybe ill try to join you once my uni comes. i recognized some of the places in the photos :slight_smile:


Very nice pictures!

Trip, did you land that 31" hop? Also, how high was that pillar Ben ps hopping onto?


Great shots. I loved the tyres and the rail riding.


Yes I landed it. There are two pillars. the one in the first picture is about 30" and the one in the next three pictures is about 29". Im pretty sure neither Ben or I actually landed any of those hops. I tried them again yesterday and I still havent been able to land one. The top is sloped, which makes it a bit more technical.

while you guys are checking out the photos, check out the newish setup for our gallery. we have reorganized!