New Hawaiian Website

Aloha fellow unicyclist,

I’m happy to tell you about my baby. It is my first. Unicycles motivated me to do something I’d never thought I would do…Make a website.

It’s a start. I plan to do more research on the trails. Also plan get more pictures and videos.That will be mo fun…

Wecome advice and comments. Hope you enjoy.:smiley:

      Big Mahalo, Dani

That’s nice!

Nice work on the website, very useful.

Looking good :wink:

very cool!
great job

looks good!

If i ever end up in hawaii, i’ll pop by for a ride!

Boran and raised for 9 years on Kailua, Oahu. Life aint de same in de mainlan bra.

Shaka Bra
Good work.



That’s one reason why I made it. We want people who visit to find us isolated unicycle island people.
I hope one day to have a MUni Fest. How 'bout the summer time. :thinking:

Thanks for the postive feedback…

Gettin’ ready for Santa Barbara!!