new Hawaii MUni film- name needed


A new action filmshort has been done on a trip I did to Big Island in Hawaii last year. It’s really short because it’s meant for festivals (3 minutes) but should be cool I hope- has some canyon descents, some cool trials and a very high bridge railing ride.

Anyway, I can’t seem to think of what to call it!

I was thinking of calling it Kamehameha 'kazi after the name of an old King of Hawaii plus Kamikazi.

Any opinions on this name? Or other suggestions?

Kris Holm

What are you thinking of?

‘Unicycle five-o’

anything else is an opportunity missed!

That’s funny, I was also thinking of calling it Hawaii Zero-1

Or perhaps MUni Five-0 or Uni Five-0 would be better.

Any other ideas?


Whatever you call your Hawaiian video… You are the Big Kahunicyclist.

My first thought was Mainland Madman, I did a quick search and came up with:

Malihini - {noun-stative verb} Stranger, foreigner, newcomer, tourist, guest, company; one unfamiliar with a place or custom; new, unfamiliar, unusual, rare, introduced, of foreign origin; for the first time.



With apolozies to the master of Japanese, Jack Halpern, if I am wrong, I believe the proper Westernized spelling of the Japanese word is, “kamikaze.”

In 1281 Mongolians launched a first ever invasion of Japan from the sea. Sudden strong winds and accompanying high seas, probably from an approaching typhoon, sank many of the Mongolian ships, and decisively turned the tide of battle against the invaders. The Japanese believed they had been saved by a, “kamikaze,” or, “divine wind.” I believe, “kami” means “God or divine”, and “kaze” means “wind.”

Tom Daniels

How about “Unami” (pronounced: You-Nam-ee) (a twist on Tsunami… although hind sight I’m not sure why I associate Tsunami’s with Hawaii)?

Thanks- I saw both and didn’t know which was right.

I think that “MUni Five-0” might be a better title though as I can just see the festival presenter misprounouncing Kamehameha (Kah-may-hah-may-hah) 'Kaze.


I like

Daring One: Hawaii!


But, I’ll keep thinking.


I like where “weeble” was going.


No mistake where/what it’s about from the title alone. And it also suggests that anyone attempting the rides must have pretty big kahu— nevermind. :wink: —letting the viewer know they are about to watch an amazing video.



or how about

Luau below!

Why not something like that?
The Big Kahuni.


instead of how ppl say break a leg why not “bust a nut?”

laid her,

I think it might be better if Uni is not used in the name at all (Similar to White Tracks). Even if it is what is featured in the film. In this way audiences are not given a hint to what they are about to see.

It sounds like the bridge that you were riding is a big feature of the short film using that in the name might be good. Or a name of a place where you were riding.

aloha 'aina (love of the Land)


Volcano Run

Joe, I mean Kris and the Volcano

maybe you should post the video so that we can watch and come up with a good name <wink wink>

Chaotic revolitions


ballenced paridice (err spelling)


Nutten Hard attol (spelling like the kind of island)


fire dancer

flowing grace

Lava suffer

I think you are becoming famous outside the uni circle. I was nursing my 29er down a steep hill in New York City when a car slowed down and yelled “do a Kris Holms and glide!” Forgiving the absurdity of me trying to glide, and the fact that he added an “s” to your name, I was quite taken aback. So how about a little self-promotion this time? You are the face of extreme unicycling, after all. People should also know your name. How about…

“Aloha, Kris Holm”

(to those who know your name, the title says “extreme unicycling in Hawaii” – and for everyone else, the title is mysterious until they see the film, but later they can talk about you without saying “that unicycle guy”)

Or how about…

“One Wheel, Big Island”

“Island MUni”
(let’s teach the world that word)

“Big Island Extreme”

I also like our resident Merlin’s idea, “The Big Kahuni”.

Dave Lowell (uni57)

Could anyone have take pitty on the poor dumb Danish guy and explain why that “five-o” title is funny.


Hawaii Five-O was a television series. Do a google search and you’ll find out more then I could ever tell you.

Kahunicycle has sounded the best so far, or something of that nature.

I also find people referring to “Kris Holm” as “Kris Holmes”. It’s kind of funny, well, no, no it isn’t. No one ever pronounces my last name right either and it’s definitely not funny. Anyway, it’s weird (that’s better), because I’ll even specifically pronounce the “Holm” sound, ending abruptly with no “s”, and people still say “Holmes”.