*NEW* Hardcore Muni VIDEO 6.24.06

the upds were funny

Yeah, IMO I think good upd’s are an essential ingredient to make these videos entertaining! WIthout showing the flaws, it’s just all too “serious”, and that gets boring after a time, at least to me.

I like my vids to have humor as well, and to also show personality, and I like to include the commentary over the music, which plays only a “supporting” role, rather than “dominate” everything.

Terry i love each of your videos… Not because they showcase top talent and crazy moves but because they do exactly the opposite…Your videos are always so simple and fun like its more about the riding than the filming, which is how it should be. Another job well done! Claps lightly

Thanks. I am relatively new to both riding muni and shooting/editing video. It’s been quite a learning experience, but I really enjoy every part of it! I’m still using the very basic, windows “moviemaker”; I hope to move on to something better in the near future.

Taking a vidcam along with me everytime I go riding has become An “automatic reflex”, and I can’t imagine not taking it when I ride! It’s like if I were to go on a trip somewhere I would want to capture all the special and cool moments in time to look back on later. It’s also a great learning tool as I can see what I’m doing wrong. Besides, one of these times I might just video myself doing a muni move that actually looks like I know what I’m doing!:smiley:

Plus, I get helpful tips and advice from the more experienced riders on this great forum, which has helped me inprove my skills.