*NEW* Hardcore Muni VIDEO 6.24.06

Me and Jim basically took a backseat to Miles (Mornish) and Eric (MAngo) who joined us for the first time Saturday 6.24.06 for some pretty hardcore muni! Some really good Upd’s in this edition, and some very impressive sifs hops to a big boulder, and some sweet rolling 180’s off a 3’ sloping ledge drop! Very fast paced vid. Hope you enjoy! This will be my last video from this locale as I will be looking for new muni venues closer to home. :smiley:


nice riding - two thumbs up - yet again

Thanks, of course ALL the “nice riding” goes to the “guest stars” of my video, Eric and Miles.

Wow, i’ll be that good in like a month, lol.

I’d love to uni, but we don’t have any trails, and I’m the only one in the county (pretty sure) that unicycles, I hope my friends get one (one practices on mine).

Overall, looked like you had fun, and you did good (exect on that UPD, ouch).


Which upd? Miles (the young kid) had “upd of the day”.
Here’s a link tomy video gallery for some more fun vids, in case you haven’t seen them. Check out "dueling munis’!:smiley:

lol, everyone(except for Eric) was UPDing all over the place, the “stair stepper” trail was really a lot steeper than it looked…

It was a great ride though, The leaves a landed in were squishy(and hard):slight_smile:


Nice riding Miles. Is Eric the guy i saw at Moab Muni Fest? In the redish jersey/shirt in the vid? Anyway good riding! You still have to come up to my place, or me down there.

yea, I’m not sure how it will work though, at least we’ll see each other at MOAB:o

yea, that’s eric, on that trail he did a 5’ drop over a huge ditch, but we didn’t get it on video. Silly terry;)

wait, so mango’s the guy in the red jersey and grey helmet?

…wow, I thought he was Zach for some reason at moab…

slaps head

nice video, I really would enjoy that trail it looks like… fun technical stuff.

It was really technical and steep, and because I was on my trials(I don’t have a MUni) I had to hop down everything:)

amn, I really need to get a MUni…

munis make rolling stuff soo easy… I was riding muni on my trials for a long time, and I was ecstatic when I got a muni and could roll technical stuff.

that was a great vid! that trail looks really fun, I also liked the upd of the day its was quite entertaining

You bring a video cam next time! :sunglasses:

Thank you. I take a lot of time filming and editing these videos. I appreciate the compliments!

it also hurt quite alot:)
The pedals hit right at the bottom and back of my 661’s:(
unfortunantly, my mom wouldn’t let me try again because I forgot(couldn’t find) my elbow pads :angry:

yea that was good. i guess that was mornish doing the glide at the end? keep practicing those, best trick in the world probably lol. the hop up on the rock on on the 3rd try was really nice. always be aggressive on those 180s off stuff too. anyways yea, nice though, looks like you guys have fun together.

I’d like to learn to do 360’s off stuff! I know I have to get the 180’s down first! And if Miles ans especially Eric could not land a 180 drop that day after several attempts, I know that I have my work cut out for me! :astonished:

great video. i liked the 180’s off the 3’ drop, iv’e been trying some of that stuff myself. i especially liked the UPD at the start and the UPD of the day. really great stuff. keep the good video’s coming.