New handle attachment Idea. will it hold?

Alright, I want to put on a Reeder style handle on my uni, and I was wondering, will it hold if I brazed on the handle to the brake mount post. (see artist rendition below) I will be making the handle out of an old handle bar, so a bike grip can fit on. so please, give your thoughts and ideas on it.



I dont no but i am so loving that picture. You should post that on best pic of 2006 :roll_eyes:

Braze? Weld it, brazing is ugly.

What holds that post onto the seat post?

that post is originally on the seat post. Its for a mount for a break.

I’m glad you like it. thats 2 months of CGI work. its still a work in progress;) :stuck_out_tongue:

if the handle goes into the brake mount it will hold, but i dont know if the weld on the seatpost will hold

I think it would flex alot, and you’d want to but a brace between it and the actual seat.

i don’t think it would flex at all… depending on what its made of
you could add a brace above the post and maybe below so that it doesn’t break

its a pretty good idea

I’m with skrobo. But instead of welding it to the brake mount, I’d make it like the JC coker handle (well, at least I think that’s what it is) and weld it to a mtb stem, or something similar. That way you can change the height and angle (if you should decide to).

It looks like a good idea.

ps: That is one awesome picture.

I think the bike stem idea sounds good, I don’t think I’ll be brazing it. I tried to braze some alum. and steel but I keep burning through the alum. and I would probally distroy my seat post. :roll_eyes:

If you weld thin tubes (std. 7/8" or 22.2mm is usually pretty thin wall stuff), then insert an aluminum plug about 1" long into the area where the 2 tubes are to be welded together. This plug will likely be about 0.8" diameter, or whatever fits inside without slop.
That way if you blow through the thin wall of the tubes with your welding torch, you’ll still have something to weld to and can salvage the piece. Plus this makes the joint alot stronger.

Learned The Hard Way

Or don’t use so much heat?

If it’s a wire feed, turn the voltage way down.

if the handle and the post are the same diameter then you could put another tube inside of the joint 2-3" long, that would make for a super strong joint

not surprising, since brazing doesn’t work on aluminum! it only works on alloys that contain iron or copper, as far as I know

If it weren’t aluminum, brazing would be the way to go… it requires less heat but yields sufficient strength for the application. Most custom bike frames are brazed together. A good braze looks no different than a good weld. What makes you the expert, here, huh?

brazing looks very different from welding! have you done both? using all 4 of the common welding methods (mig, tig, oxyacetylene, stick)?

Brazed lugs on a bicycle look like there’s nothing holding them on, there is no visible weld. Uni frames are typically TIG welded, you can see the weld beads easily.