new guys to the forums come here first!!!!!

Some people just want fresh conversation/ideas specific to their riding.

Some just like to hear themselves talk.

Some don’t know about posting on the fora.

Some don’t want to resurrect (sp?) an old thread and end up being the new/last post on a 12 page thread.

Some get pissy about having to read a thread that’s been discussed 20 times (you really don’t HAVE TO read it if you don’t want).

Some are happy to help the noobs or even the seasoned vets having a problem with a new skill.

Some like to boast about how well they can do a skill.

Some are embarrased about their lack of skill yet somehow muster the courage to ask anyway.

There are all kinds of different people with different reasons and different needs.

If you have constructive input for somebody’s question, you should provide it.

If you’re sick of looking at repetative threads. Skip 'em.

First of all, the vast majority of Google users never use advanced search.

Second, it’s not that the search is advanced, it’s that someone who doesn’t know what’s available at wouldn’t necessarily know how to improve their results with an advanced search.

Meh, I guess… I dunno. But this is a pointless debate, especially considering we’re on the same side. :roll_eyes:


You know you want it. :astonished:

So lets hope that one of the new guys to the forum come to that briliant Idea to use the advanced search. If he is a realy lucky one, he will find this thread and than he know how to act as a good newbie :slight_smile:
I would prefer 20 new threads about mounting a uni than that thread I’m now writing in.

I agree with matt_t and underdog !