new guys to the forums come here first!!!!!

ok this is what i have to say…before you posta thread about “how do i hop” or “help me learn to mount” please use the search function first. its really easy…just type what your looking for and it will come to you. we can only fit so many threads on one page and all of your questions are taking away space from the truly important things. thank you


Just a question… How is this thread not going to get buried several dozen pages beneath the “important stuff”? Unless this is made a sticky newbies won’t see this without searching anyway.

Can Gilby make this thread a sticky?

If we’re going to make a thread about how to post sticky, let’s have someone who uses capital letters and punctuation, and knows the difference between “your” (posessive) and “you’re” (contraction of “you are”) start it off. (Bonus points; “its” (posessive) and “it’s” (contraction of “it is”)).

ok whatever…i dont really care i just want people to use the search function rather than starting totally useless threads.

Almost all fora have a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section, as do these. Sometimes it is not a problem of a person being new to unicycling it is one of being new to posting to a forum. A much larger problem with the increased number of threads is the complete lack of clarity in the title. This has been pointed out in the past. Thread titles like, “???,” or “anyone near,” or “HELP” don’t give you much to go on.

Why tell people to use the search function, when it is just as easy to use the ‘submit new thread function’ ?

Does it hurt you to have new threads that have already been done before?

It’s worth noting that the search function is pretty bad. The top hit is always one of the stupid “Most Replies” threads, and most of the rest of the top hits are people saying “use the search function”.

i dont want pointless threads either, but i say screw the “search function”. its easier for newbies to to post up a new thread and have people give them tips or “words of wisdom” on what they want to know. ive used the search for stuff, and in the time it took to find what i was looking for i could have put up a new thread and got answers faster.

P.S i still dont want useless threads like the Chucknorris crap everywhere

i do both, i used search and read up on recent discussions of what im needing help with, ubt i also made another thread to see if there are any more little tips that ppl can give, but other than that id rather just go outside and practice and figure the stuff out on my own lol

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not having a go but learning to mount/hop etc are truly important to people who can’t yet do them and are new to the sport. This forum is here for everyone, not just people at the cutting edge. If that was the case then it’d be useless to 99% of us. I really don’t think that a few posts about basic skills do take up all that much space, and if you don’t like them don’t post on them. If something has already been said then by all means link to it and maybe even a few words of encouragement to those of us not blessed with awesome levels of skill. We all had to start somewhere right? :roll_eyes:

I’m with you matt_t.


yeah i agree with matt

While I disagree here (it is extremely easy to use the advanced search feature to only search RSU with only looking for keywords in the title), I do agree with the overall consensus that just saying “use the search function” in response to a technical issue is pretty annoying. There are still many beginners here that just want to ask some simple enough questions - either help out in a more productive way or ignore the thread. Simple enough.

I’ve been guilty of not using the search function quite enough. I should have used it before I made my first post. But in all of the forums that I’ve ever been involved in, repetitive posts have never bothered me, because it gives people a chance to read new takes on the subject, possibly even new opinions from people who have posted on the subjects before. In my case, I’m glad Harper here took the time, I’m still remembering his advice in response to my first post every time I’m riding.

I agree that the worst problem is thread titles. Frankly, I skip most threads that are titled, “Help!!!” or “Advice” or “???” Looking back, even my first thread title here was too vague; hopefully I’ve done better since then. At this point, I still don’t have much to contribute when it comes to technical unicycling issues, because I’m still learning (I took my first step toward freemounting today; it’s going to be a looooooong process), but in the future, I’ll be happy to contribute on issues that I’m familiar with, it’s just that I don’t have time to read every thread, so the vague titles get skipped.

Seems like a relatively easy partial solution to that problem is to simply add some text to the “new thread” page. Maybe between the “title” and “text” input fields something about the content of the title could be added along the lines of:

“For best results, make the thread title as detailed as possible. A thread titled, ‘Advice on wheel size’ will probably be viewed more often than a thread with a title like, ‘wheels,’ or ‘help,’ or simply ‘???’”

I wouldn’t advocate adding FAQ information everywhere the information might seem appropriate, but this one might help quite a bit.

Another solution would be to actually check the title entered and disallow vague ones. Using about 20 or 30 regular expressions, you could probably eliminate over 100 vague titles. Seems a little like a sledgehammer vs. mosquito kind of thing, but it’s an option (I’d offer to code it up, but I’m not a regular expression whiz).


There’s no reason why a newbie would know this is necessary to get reasonable results. (And still not very good results).


Anyways, the beginners will never, ever, stop posting here. It’s a growing sport, and since most who start won’t achieve the level of expertise of a man such as yourself, you shall forever find yourself inconvenienced by a neverending flood of noob. Most search and lurk already. (watch the use stats, guests always account for 50-75%)
-The ones who speak up are looking for some sort of community.
-There are no alternatives similar to this forum.

Try using the advanced search. Hit “search thread title only” to avoid the most replies threads, and sort them by number of replies in descending order to quickly see which are the longest and are most likely to have good information.

Been checking the forums out for a while now and never had any trouble in finding what i need.
from finding the site i have mastered rolling hop, seat in front, side hop and just starting to wheel walk its all here if you take the time too look
Thanks Ya all :sunglasses:

Uhhh…just because they’re new to unicycling doesn’t mean they’re new to the internet…it’s a pretty universal thing. Anyone who’s ever used Google should know what an advanced search is.