New Guy

Hey all, new to this forum and to unicycle riding. I’ve wanted to ride since I was about 3 and now almost 18 years later finally got around to it! haha

I collect and study vintage and modern American Military Items and history, so if theres something related to that you would like to know let me know! I plan to be a skill collector and am off to a good start with all the musical instruments I’ve taken up, random things such as juggling and painting. to the bigger things like carpentry and automotive customization.

As far as unicycling, not too long ago I made a deal for 3 different unicycles they were asking $50 but I traded for items that cost me a dollar combined at most. I got a 16 inch vintage Hedstrom (Yeah you dont need to say anything). A 24 inch ultimate wheel and a 20 inch Avenir which is what im riding and I am making into what I want.

I hope I fit in!

The Avenir will be OK for a while, depending on your body weight. Once you start to become airborne, though, its days will be numbered.

that’s what I was thinking, hope to get a Torker soon and make the Avenir into something to just ride around on. Make it look pretty too


If you’re into juggling and musical instruments, then I recommend, as a part of your unicycle study, you learn to idle. Good luck, and welcome to the forum!

Got any plans for the Hedstrom?

Not recommended:

  • Riding it


  • Art project
  • Test your car’s crush power
  • Explosives test
  • Donate to science


It is certainly possible to idle while playing an instrument, but it is much easier to ride.

My only-ever paid unicycling gig involved playing a song on a ukelele. Since I knew the chorus in my song would quickly become familiar, I used it as an opportunity to ride around the stage in circles and recover from the verses and the bridge, for which I stopped and idled so that I could face the audience and make sure they heard me clearly and noticed the switch to a minor key. Strumming chords while idling is a bit of a challenge, as your shoulders twist back and forth. When you are just riding, on the other hand, your upper body is relatively stable, and you also don’t get out of breath as quickly. Not that I really get out of breath from idling, but if you’re trying to sing, even the slightest bit of extra breathing suddenly becomes noticeable.

So yeah, idling is good, but if you really have a one-wheeled song to play, don’t wait 'til you’ve learned to idle.

haha no, not yet. may pass it to whoever wants it or just keep it for looks

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