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Hello everybody, I am new. i have been riding for about a year, but am just starting to be able to actually ride. I ride a Sun 20", but hope to move up soon. Couple quick questions.

  1. what is the best size crank for a 5’4" 130lb (me) mostly muni rider? (although i do a bit of everything else too. nothing extreme though.)

  2. What unicycle would be best to move up to next for me? I hope to stay in the 300$ price range.

  3. what is the most important peice of advice you can give to a more than beginner less than master rider?


Welcome, I’m no master, just pretty much a beginner, but I’d say if you ride muni and are used to a 20" a 24" Nimbus with 150 cranks would probably do well for you.

Most important piece of advice I can offer is relax, practice and most importantly have fun.

I’d wait and hear from others who are more knowledgeable too.

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or used (I have nothing to do with this)

thanks for the advice. please keep 'em comin.

  1. Probably 150. Maybe 125 if you are going to stick with a 20" wheel. Possibly 165 if you are going 26" or more and think you need the leverage.

  2. Nimbus

  3. i before e except after c. :wink:

125’s with a 20" and 150’s with a 24". Dual-hole cranks if you want more versatility.

A Nimbus 24" muni would be perfect for you. It is the best muni for the price and will still be able to do some tricks and other riding styles.

Wear a helmet.

Start teaching other people!

Great suggestion on so many levels. Nothing forces you to learn faster than having to teach other people. It spreads the word and may multiply the number of unicyclists making the geeky hobby seem normal. Like THAT will ever happen.

Thanks so much for the advice everyone. Just wanted to let you know I successfully sidehopped onto a board about 3-4 inches high. Not much, I know, but I was pumped :sunglasses: .

A 24" would be good for techincal muni, or If you ride on faster more flowy ground a larger size, perhaps a 26" would be better. Either way for your budget go with a Nimbus IMO.