New Guy...Tired of falling

That’s a good question! I’ve noticed you’ve become scarce, along with quite a few of the other females who post here :frowning:

I didn’t mean to leave ya’ll out :wink:

Got some new Shin/Knee guards at Drop Zone Cycling today…Shins were getting shredded :astonished:

That’s really, REALLY tough for me…I’m Leg-o-Steel, and I find myself rising up off the saddle…Any suggestions?


Zen meditation?



Sedagives, definitly sedagives:D

it’s a basic and i suspect kenny probably checked it when he saw u but just in case…

make sure u have your seat at the correct height
(heel on the down-pedal, leg straight but not locked)
if u still find yourself lifting off the the seat and taking all your weight on your legs, consider raising the seat just a touch

(the reason for this whole ‘weight-on-the-seat-cult’ we’ve got going here is very simply that to stay on a unicycle, your legs have to make several miniscule adjustments to the amount of force they apply to the pedals in order for u to remain within the ‘balance envelope’.
when u’re learning, your legs aren’t able to make these micro-adjustments while still carrying your bodyweight as well, hence ‘weight-on-the-seat’.)

eventually u will be able to ride while standing out of the seat
this is rather neccesary in some styles of riding
and crucial when u want to ride an ‘Ultimate Wheel’
(look here )

don’t worry about your normal reaction of wanting to ‘go to leg’.
since we became bipedal beings (or, in the case of LoganA, when…), we’ve used our feet as our bases of stabillity
when u get pushed off balance, u move your feet instinctively to regain that balance
in unicycling, as in horseriding, u have to learn to bypass that instinctive reaction
that takes a while, hence the need to practise, practise, practise
u r quite literally rewiring a bit of your brain and by the time u’ve learnt how to ride, there’s something (physical) in your head that wasn’t there when u started
hence the importance of helmets in unicycling

hang in there, it will happen

keep us updated
and one last thing,

welcome to the forum


Tons of cool advice…

Thank You All!

Welcome to the forum. When you’re feeling discouraged come here for encouragement. In my very long road to becoming a unicyclist it was the support of the people herein that kept me going. No matter how long it takes, stick with it. It is soooooo worth it. Good luck and remember, keep your weight on the seat. :sunglasses:

Kyran and I will be practising this afternoon. Your welcome to join us.


I just read this :frowning:

Perhaps a raincheck

Not a problem. We’re at 250 heimer rd. The corner of perinial and Hiemer across from coker elementary school.

How lucky can you get? How many Cokers attend school there?

Harper, it’s Coker ELEMENTARY School. They’re all 20" or less. They haven’t yet grown up enough to be Cokers:D :wink: