New guy. Just saying hi

My brother bought me my first unicycle this past December for my birthday. When the weather started getting better I figured, what the hell… I might as well figure out how to use it.
Well it’s now July and I’m hooked. Still very new and I pretty much have to stick to straight lines but I’m improving daily. The timing is perfect also because my daughters are learning to ride bikes too.

Anyways… You may see me around more as I try to figure out which tire to buy and whatnot… Mine is just about worn through.

  • Jake

Congrats on finding this interest. I hope you and your daughters a safe and fun ride. If you want to more easily keep up with your daughters on their bikes, you might want to consider in the future a 26 if not a 29" unicycle if you don’t already have one.

Feel free to seek the forum for any future questions, I’m sure you’ll get the information you’re looking for.

The search and advance search option is also helpful, your questions might have already been previously answered or there may be interesting posts that will somehow in some way lead you to the kind of answer that you may find useful.



unicycling is very addictive, keep practicing :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

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