New guy from just a bit west of Cleveland, Ohio

Hi everyone! I wasn’t sure where to put introductions.

I’ve been hanging out over on BikeForums all summer, as I started riding my bicycle again after 15 years of vegetating. I’ve been enjoying riding, and expanded my horizons a bit. I went mountain biking for the first time ever, and loved it. I built an Xtracycle cargo bike to run around town with, and have been happily riding. (Other bikes here.)

Then one day UniGeezer posted a video on the BikeForums/50 Plus area. Below was a direct result of Terry’s visit, and he mentioned this place, so here I am.

Cross-posted from my thread:

Since then, I’ve been making a little more progress, but the weather hasn’t been cooperating much. I have slop in the crank mount that I’ve been trying to eliminate. Those tapered pins don’t have much adjustability to them.

Reading through this forum, I find there is a ton of information available and new things to learn!

Glad I found y’all, and thanks again, Terry.

Welcome back to unicycling and cycling worlds. I have to say that Xtracycle is one of the best things that has happened to cargo-bikeing and modern saddles are the best thing to happen to unicycles.

That unicycle really does have a lot of character, I like it. :slight_smile:


I hearby deem you the Fred Sanford of unicycling.

Cue theme song music…

Your home-made uni reminds me of my first uni. I bought it used around 28 years ago and still have it. I plan on restoring it to some degree next year. It’s just a sentimental piece though due to its low quality and poor condition.

I highly recommend buying yourself a decent uni. Torker at the least and preferably a Nimbus. You would thank yourself. By all means keep your existing uni. Restore it and keep it just like I’ve kept mine.:smiley:

:smiley: Fred the wheezer, huh? :slight_smile:

Restore it? I don’t think it ever looked good. It has patina; anything fixed up or replaced would just make the rest look crappier. I think I’ll leave it as it is and ride it until something breaks.