New group for PA (USA)

Myself and JoeBike started a group with one other member that has since joined for those of us in PA…
Not making it specific towards any style of riding as I would like to learn a mixture of all.
If you live in or around PA, or if you just want to join the group, please feel free!
Wheelin in Pennsylvania in the group name

Have fun and remember - Rubber side down works best :smiley:

SWAT will obliterate you.

Kidding aside, come down to Philly sometime. There are a few of us down here that ride at a decent level. We’d be happy to take you guys around to our favorite spots.

Awesome! Keep me posted with when and where… Right now I am taking the Muni tire off and putting a road tire on. Been riding ALOT around town and on smooth cinder / compressed dirt trails and it seems the knobby is wearing down FAST… So let me know if I need the Muni tire or not if we do hook up…

I’m right in the area, about 20 min from center city in NJ.

Hey Tom,

Congratulations on getting something going out east. PA is a pretty big state for those not in the know. We’re on the western side of things- The Butler Wobble- We’ve got around 30 on our YMCA roster and we’re expanding the outdoor ridership. All disciplines are welcome. You guys are always welcome to head out this way. We’d especially like to get a whole slew of unicyclists out here for the July 17-18 weekend of events.

Well I’d like to officially get something going, just need to get all the people to get into a common forum group so we can make plans to meet up sometime…

I would love to have everyone meet in a park and have a BBQ and meet up, ride on the parking lots and trails, plays some frisbee and hackey sack… Maybe even make it a place where some of us with experience could show the others what rock climbing is about as well…
I even have access to a slack line kit that I could bring…
Hmmmm 180 unispin off the slack line?

Hey guys, jump on the Mid Atlantic Munifest thread, we need to organize a gathering for this summer!

Hey tom, glad to hear about more going on in pa! I’m in lancaster county, I ride muni, and ride reading (I.e. french creek, blue marsh, others) and mount gretna out here right off the turnpike. Pa has so many great trails, it would be great to see some events come together.