New grapefruit Nimbus 36" with the new T 6.5 handle

Hmmm, one can only guess. Well check the pic out. This wheel has a wide UDC hub (not super wide) and straight cranks for cruising.
The T6.5 handle. Well that started out as a T7 which I took to with an angle grinder and a cutting disc. So I figured if I took a bit off 7 it would be 6.5.
Why? Well I did like the T7, but being chronologically challenged, some-days I have trouble leaping onto the 36ers. After ending up with black inner thighs (my wife wondered what I had been up to) and getting tangled up with the handle bar and the back T bar, I decided it could be improved.
I cut up an old bike handle bar to get the curve, thought a lot, checked out MTB bar ends and after about 8 months finally got the handle bar together.
After initial riding it feels great. I can hop off without hitting anything and look forward to going for a big ride.
Any problems so far. Yep, I will have to cut it to fit a mag brake handle and then re-weld it. I figure if I opened the Mag handle enough to go around the bar it would break.
BTW, there is a new T7 coming out with no corners.
And also while I am here and rambling, who know anything about a new lightweight 36 tyre, maybe the new Coker one.

The Vanilla Wheel. People will ask you if they can lick it. Or take a bite from the tyre. It must be made from licorice!

I did this with an old aluminium Shimano brake handle that I wanted to fit on the GB handle and it survived.

Very cool looking uni you got there! Did you paint the rim/frame yourself?

Do you mean it’ll be available as a UDC product for us folks to buy?

I’ve already got a pair of T7s and I think they’re awesome. Still if I didn’t have them, or if I wanted to upgrade, I’d be all over a revision without those sharp corners!

It was powder coated and the wheel built in Melbourne. It was supposed to be a brighter yellow. I got a surprise at first but now it is together I like it.

UDC (Australia at least) will have the new curved T7 handle about Christmas. I haven’t seen a photo of it.

Sounds very interesting, I’ll look forward to seeing it! Aside from possibly looking prettier, I have a particular interest in eliminating those corners! Firstly, the corners always seem to get the paint smashed off; I don’t know that the curves will fix that, though perhaps it’ll help the grips protect the paintwork. Secondly, I got a minor haematoma beside the top of my leg after hitting myself on the corner. Not remotely serious but it really hurt when I did it. That’s not to say the T7 is horribly unsafe or anything: at the time, I was trying to sidehop my coker up a steep grassy bank, messed up and fell heavily onto the corner of the handle - so it really was mostly me trying something tricky. But it’d still be nice to think that one day that corner won’t be there :slight_smile:

I like what you’ve done with your T7. I periodically consider cutting the rear T shape off mine: I’d probably try to just use a pipe / seatpost cutter (I don’t have an angle grinder in any case!). Thing is, it can be useful: sometimes I put bottles on there. At the moment, I’m trying out fixing a bicycle wedge bag there for a few snacks, tools, etc. Seems promising.

I’m not sure I’d have had the guts to do what you’ve done to the front, though - you’ve cut most of it off :wink: But actually I can see why what you’ve done would be better. It looks really slick, and also like it offers more adjustment and less to hit yourself on.