New gear on UDC UK

First person to order a Oregon Unicycle from UDC UK gets a free mystery gift

Ohhhh :frowning:

Why did it have to be now that i’m out of work…

I’d usually have £150 + Spare cash a week and i’m in the market for a muni.

yes, 30% lighter

The Oregon’s V frame design interests me because I was just recently trying to establish (36er frame round up) what the benefits of such a frame are and there didn’t seem to be a consensus on whether the rigidity was a real improvement over other simpler, cheaper frames.

Does this frame style give additional clearance or other advantages? Or is it more a brand differentiator?

I have to say that, regardless, it looks awesome.

This link is to 29" rims and I see them on Nimbus 29" road kit. Are you saying the dominator 2 will come in 36" size? It’s very important that Bronson use the latest and greatest (which I thought was the drilled Nimbus Stealth pro on my Impulse) rim to build my Schlumpf 36" wheel.

It is coming to the 36ers, Roger had one on his rig at the Düsseldorf Marathon.

when? the hubs are due in California in “weeks” and I would hate to postpone. How much lighter than my drilled Stealth?

I don’t know exactly, but I think Roger said the main advantages are strength and ease of tire swapping. It isn’t drilled either. So it may be similar as far as weight is concerned. Maybe I’m wrong, though, so let’s see what Roger has to say about it.

Is this the rim we are discussing?

It is the same weight and the version 1 and a bit heavier than the drilled one.


Yes, that’s the one.

The new rim was designed and commissioned by UDC. It is very new and hence is unlikely to be available wholesale for a bit. It only just made this production run by a day or so due to the requirement for testing and checking. So if you are really wanting one I suggest trying to contact UDC US directly to see if you can get one as they have a very limited supply until the next production run.

The Rim is called the Stealth 2 as a 36" and the same profile is called the Dominator 2 on the 700c (29"), 26", 24" and 19" - historical reasons for this rather than a logical one.

The rim is very slightly heavier than the undrilled Stealth rim. (note that drilling only reduced the weight by about 50 grams) - I put the holes in my rim as part of the testing process (and I like things as light as I can get them!)

Here is why it is a better rim:

  1. It has a purpose made braking surface, it is also thickened to avoid problems with flex and wear.
  2. The bead section is deeper than is found on many standard rims. This helps the thicker tyres fitted to the 36" by allowing the tyres bead to be fully enclosed by the rim. It also helps the tolerance problems that are found on 700c tyres where they are tending to fall off the rim during riding. For the Muni and Trials it helps to keep the tyre in position during side hops.
  3. The lip of the outer edge protrudes further in towards the tyre than is standard - again helps with holding the tyre and is only possible because the rim bead section is deeper.
  4. The tyre seat is absolutely flat and is large enough for the bead on the 36" tyres (and the bigger Muni/trials tyres).
  5. On the inner lip of the tyre seat is a small raise. This helps keep the tyre in place even when it is under inflated.
  6. The tyre has a deep centre section so allowing for ease of putting the tyre on and off… hurray! (I have been putting the tyres on it without a tyre lever).
  7. The rim has a deeper section than the older Stealth and Dominator rims so making the rim a LOT more rigid.
  8. The rim is thickened around the stainless steel eyelets for strength, but also by thinning the walls on the curved section it has helped to keep the weight down.
  9. The rim is 2mm wider than the older rims.

Here is an image of the rims profile to help explain things.
Sorry but it is not the final version, it does not show the extra braking lip and is not the right width, but you get the idea I am sure - I was on the wrong computer when I was looking for the profile.

My comments on the rims from testing.
36" - The rim was easy to build with because it is more rigid. You can put the tyre on easily and it sits higher on the rim so producing a tyre that is almost 5mm wider and 2mm taller! (before you tell me that it should be the same height, measure it and see… then please explain to me how it is bigger)
29" - this is by way and far the strongest 29" rim I have seen on the market. It is not the biggest. It does hold the tyres well due to the lip design and it gives the tyres a really nice profile. On testing it held the tyres perfectly.
24/26" - Its rigidity from the extra depth and the bigger lip seam to work really well with the Dura Wildlife leopard with it’s funky bead design. This rim was on the prototype that’s photo got on the web before Christmas… and no one was looking for it… ha ha I win. :slight_smile:
19" - this I think is going to be quite a move forward. Although it is not the lightest rim on the market… it is I believe the strongest. With the lip enhancements and the extra 2mm it is definitely a BIG improvement over the older Dominator rim that we have had since we brought out the Nimbus Trials.

Ok… enough from me.


David, the rim you want is one the UDC site: but the new tubes are not yet. I would suggest giving Josh a call.

Thank you Scott! I got an email from Bronson (real nice guy) at Silva Cycles last night. He was just writing to assure me that he had ordered an extra Stealth2 rim on which to lace my hub. I think, at this point, he is working under the assumption that I will not settle for anything but the latest / greatest parts for my KH36G.

The very moment that I saw the new Nimbus/Foss (clear) 36" tube on the UK site, I sent Bronson an email and said I’ve got to have it (after +1k miles on my Impulse I have come to appreciate that a 30% reduction in rotational weight is a pretty big deal) even if it means pushing my delivery date back a bit. I Carbon Copied (Cc) helpdesk@unicycledotcom (I generally use the “Contact Us” form instead of calling) and both got back to me within the hour. UDC USA saying they will be up on the site some time next week and Bronson saying he would be on the lookout for one (actually two if I can get an extra for my Impulse) for me. Still, I will be watching the USA site Parts/Tubes so I can get one on order.

Thank you Roger. I swear that I am not normally such an impatient consumer. I made it a point to know exactly what I wanted (asked a ton of questions here in RSU) before I made first contact with Credit Card in hand and I hung up the phone that day feeling great about my order. That is until the new container arrived. Darn you UDC for developing all those wonderful toys!

UDC US now has the lightweight 36 tubes. :sunglasses:

UDC US put the new tubes online (see my second link above) today. I’ll take two please:)

Wowww… well, nothing wrong at all I guess! :slight_smile:

Just me being perhaps frightened a bit by the lack of control, on a 36" unicycle - knowing that the shortest I’ve been so far is 102mm, and that I find it already pretty difficult to manage as soon as you have to cross a city, or suddenly slow down for a reason.

But I’m glad you’re bringing this point, Roger! It definitely helps me being more imaginative and out of my “comfort zone”!!!

Cheers, Pascal/MadC.

100mm Nimbus Venture 2 cranks

Hey Roger and all, I just bought a pair of Nimbus Venture 2 cranks in 100mm length from a local shop, and tried them today on my KH36.
These cranks are just great! They look very strong and still they are quite light.

I think you were right Roger suggesting to go further down, to 89mm or even 75mm - because the difference with my previous 110mm cranks is not that huge after all.

Yes I have lost a bit of control, and yes I can reach a slightly higher top speed - but with 89mm cranks I would probably have better reached my actual objective, which was to sacrifice more control and reach a higher top speed.

One of my next items to be ordered will be 89mm cranks and the new Nimbus 36" tube for sure!

Cheers, Pascal/MadC.

will th asym cranks be on the udc.usa site
nevermind they are