New gear on UDC UK

I just found a whole bunch of new stuff on the UK UDC site. Very interesting among others the clear 36" inner tube and the funky green muni…

Man, that Oregon muni looks really cool. I wonder if it would be strong enough to handle the DH stuff I’ve been doing on the KH24 and KH26 until now. If so I want one.

Those new 36er tubes are interesting (pricey though). If the stated weight is correct it weights less than 2oz more than the 29x2.3 tube I’m currently using.

Yes, they look like a good bit of progress. It’s a shame they are so dear, but that’s unavoidable for many unicycle parts made in very low numbers for a niche group, so we can’t complain. Looks like they will be provided in new Nimbus 36ers from now on, which is cool. Might be a while before I buy one though!


and KH Slim Saddle is there :slight_smile:

Great news! Thanks for the heads-up.

I wonder when the new improved KH Fusion Street saddle and the new saddle front handle will be in stock though (I’d like to avoid placing 2 separate orders, being located in France). Will ask the question to UDC UK now!

On the other hand, I’m so glad that Nimbus developed this new 36" tube - I really want it bad!
And I’m also very tempted by the new Venture 2 cranks, in 100mm length: I’m using the shortest KH cranks at the moment on my 36" (110mm), but I really want to try again shorter cranks for long distance on ~flat roads (I used to use 102mm cranks until I upgraded to ISIS).

Thanks to the UDC UK team for the new products!
BTW, I was very frustrated to never find new products when clicking on the “New Products” menu entry… but now I feel that my frustration is gone! :slight_smile:

Cheers, MadC.

The tube looks interesting, although rather pricey (but I understand the reason for the price). Shame it’s no lighter than a 29er tube though - I thought it was going to be an extremely light, thin racing tube, but at 240g it’s about the same weight as a standard Schwalbe 29er tube (if not a smidge heavier). If I got loads of problems with my 29er tube I’d probably buy one, but I’ve never had a puncture on my 36er. Being able to repair it easily in the field sounds nice though - I think a patched 29er tube may not be too happy stretched into a 36" tyre if I ever do get that first puncture. If my TA tyre ever wears out (do they ever?!) and I buy the Nightrider I keep promising myself then perhaps I’ll treat it to a fancy new tube :slight_smile:

The muni really doesn’t do it for me though - presumably squarely aimed at the American market, even down to the comparison with the Hummer :confused:
Sorry UDC (and any Americans and/or Hummer fans I’ve just offended!) - I’m sure some people will love it :stuck_out_tongue:


And what is wrong with 89mm? or even 75mm?


Finally light 36" tube is on the market :slight_smile:
But light 36" tyre and new 36" rim still not announced :angry:

Rob you need a new tyre! talk to Joe about his upgrade… He is a convert to the Nightrider.

The UK didn’t get any in as spares. :frowning:
They are on the unicycles though… so a bit of a wait for that one. Sorry.

You can see the new rim profile etc. on:

I will put a profile picture up in a second.


I know - most of the people I’ve spoken to who’ve ridden Nightriders say they’re nicer than the TA (or Coker button), and I could do with a bit of tread sometimes on the wet grass on my commute…
But I just don’t ride my 36er enough to throw £60 at a new tyre when the old one’s only half worn. Unless you want to take my TA as a trade-in - it’s only a little bit perished and muddy :wink:


Josh said that the Venture 2 is 7000 series alu, same stuff as KH uses, so plenty strong, as well they have a narrower profile and no pedal insert, so lighter weight.

Anyone have weights on the Nimbus 36 disc frame and weight comparisons between disc brake/rotor vs magura rim brake?

The KH Asym cranks look good, although pricey next to the K1 streets. Never seen these before, am I right to think they are the same as the Sym’s just without the nub on the end?

(real weights would be interesting but…)
At a rough guess I reckon there isn’t going to be much in it either way. Obviously the disc brake only needs one slave cylinder/caliper unit in comparison to the Maggy’s two, but it has the disc and disc attachment (spider on crank or extra bits on the hub depending on whether it’s MountainUni or Nimbus style).

new gear on UDC canada in Canada has the new gear too. We will be posting it to our web site today and over the weekend.

new toys are fun…


New 36" Foss/Nimbus (Clear) Inner Tube is 30% lighter!

Would someone please PM me when the new Inner Tube 36" Foss/Nimbus (Clear) is made available for sale on the UDC USA website? Silva Cycles is in the process of building my KH36G (as soon as the Schlumpf hub finds it’s way from Switzerland to California) and I really want Bronson to use the new tube when building my wheel. I am also ordering an extra to put in my Nimbus (disc) Impulse. A 30% reduction in rotational weight is a really big deal and I might just put my order on hold (perish the thought) until the new tubes are made available on UDC USA.

I see it on the UK site:

and I am confident it will be added (patience is a virtue) to the USA site soon:

patience, patience…

They are on the way on to the US site. :slight_smile:

They are a lovely product and are a great. With the price increases in the price of rubber (tyres have lept up 30% in 6 months) these will become more competitive very soon.


Also, these Foss innertubes in 20" variant. How light are they compared to a standard innertube?