New Game

ok i kinda ripped off the trick clips game, but i came up w/ a new idea for a trick clips game

you have 2:00 to do whatever you want on the unicycle, but it all has to be one video
i’ll judge because i know I wont win

i guess i’ll make the cutoff 3 days??

You need to explain this so much better. Are you going to judge it out of 10? How do we know that you are going to be fair? What happens if you dont know what trick I did and thought it was something easier when it was actually real difficult?

Sorry to say that.


i’ll be fair… don’t worry about that … write the tricks you did in your post
ill judge the top 5 videos and let you guys vote and pick the best one out of those

i got a better idea how about there aree catagories and it is on how long people have been riding like 6 months 1 year 2 years and 3-6 years it would much fairer

i Kinda like the idea its got potential,

but groups on how long you’ve been riding could actually be pretty unfair, because i have been able to ride a unicycle for like forever, but i never started practicing properly since i started speaking to amanda lol
so about a year but it would be unfair to put me in the 1 year category cos clearly ive been riding longer than that. its a tuffy!

Ooooohhhhh! Paaaaattttt!

I’ve been riding for over 2 years now but I’ve only been doing anything other than riding around for about 6 months!

Like Lucas said, It’s a tuffy!

well then start from when you started real trick riding

dont go there amanda, youre better than all uh’ us.

ok … hows this sound … sponsored people and people w/ more than 1 year doing tricks (anything goes)

and another group with people that have been doing tricks for less than 1 year months (no flip tricks allowed here)

and i’ll judge on smoothness and trick difficulty

Sounds Good To Me

I like the idea, but rather than having a catagory for the good people and one for the rest, I think you should have a beginner catagory, a intermediate catagory and an open catagory. You have to hope people will place themselves in the right catagory. To inforce this, only allow cerain tricks in certain catagories. You are on the right track though! I am willing to help judge the top 5 and not enter, because I think things are more fair if we have more than one peminary judge. Also, we need a critera for the scoring. What do people get points for, and how much do they get for each thing. Like, 50% for style, 40% for dificulty and 10% for video editing (JUST AN EXAMPLE!).

okay see if you aprove of these rules

beginner, intermediet, advanced.

smoothness of trick
difficulty of trick
video editing
bacic vid

yes but no editing … some ppl have better programs … make the vids 2 mins


Open to all tricks (none of that flip tricks not allowed, those tricks are just tricks no different from anything else). Three levels, call your own. Vain speaks for itself. But difficulty of trick is redic. One can’t tell, what if it’s a blind 3, done smooth enough to look reg, but reg isn’t hard. Make sure ya know the riders norm.

-Shaun J.

this sounds really fun. lol i really have to figure out how to hook my video camera into the computer:)