New Game Show Looking for Unicyclist!

New primetime game show looking for a unicyclist in the USA. This is your chance to win thousands of dollars.

Looking for unicyclist who can do tricks and ride on ramps.

Message me for more info.

This is about as specific as asking for a driver who can make left turns and drive on highways. Have you any experience as a talent recruiter, or is this your first day on the job?

You need to give us way more information… there are many unicyclists here with many different talents, and varying levels of experience as performers.

What is your show about?
Where is the show being recorded?
Why do you want a unicyclist?
What are you looking for in a unicyclist?
What other acts are featured?
How much riding will we have to do?
Is this a recurring gig? How often?
What input will the rider have in the show?
How much are you offering in compensation, regardless of prize money?

Looking forward to your answers.

I can ride on your face.

How many thousands of dollars?

I messaged him.

His response with phone # and email address edited out. I decided not to apply because I’m not that good and it probably requires that you are at least 18

Challenge Me! is a new show from the creators of “The Voice.” It was a hit in the Netherlands and we are bringing it to the USA.

We take people with unique talents and knowledge and put them to the test for cash!

We are looking for a unicycle rider who can do tricks and ride on ramps. You would get $500 dollars and you can win thousands on the show. Filming in LA at the end of March, travel arranged by producers.

if you are interested, email with the following info:
Current City
Phone Number
2 Current Pictures of yourself
A Description of your skills
A Video of your skills.

Robert Platzer
Challenge Me!
Casting Associate
Talpa Media

In my experience, talent recruiters prefer to cast a really wide net, and see if they get anything interesting. After all, it’s not their time that gets wasted by going to an audition for something you completely aren’t right for.

Once I went to an audition for a fast food commercial in NY. They wanted a unicyclist. Cool! Turns out what they wanted wasn’t really a unicycilst, it was an actor, that had a certain look, that could maybe ride a unicycle. I knew I wasn’t that, but I didn’t find any of that out until I wasted most of a day by going. I read the copy while idling on my unicycle on a floor covered by cables.

But this TV show sounds like potentially a free trip to LA, if not anything else. Good Trials or Street riders should apply! If you can afford to get away for a few days…

Calling Terry Peterson… maybe you should lie about your age so they don’t get the wrong idea! :slight_smile:

Haha, you’ll have to “splain” that one. :smiley:

I did a little research on the show. Apparently it’s only been sold to two countries so far: Netherlands and Ukraine. Doesn’t sound like they’re setting the world on fire with the format…

YouTube has some clips from the Dutch show. Some interesting stuff (drifting, motorcycle stunting, karate demonstration) and some downright boring stuff (reciting 400 digits of pi?)

Has anyone applied yet?

I might apply. I fancy a paid trip to LA.

You’re probably good enough to do it. Give it a shot before you run out of time!

Hey Guys,

Love the conversation! we are looking for extreme unicyclists! sorry my message was vague in the begininning.

This is a new, primetime network TV show from the creators of “The Voice” and it was a hit show in the Netherlands.

You would be paid $500 for doing the show, and you can win thousands on the show. Films in Los Angeles at the end of March, travel arranged by producers.

Anyone interested should message me with links to their videos and their phone number.

All the best,


Exactly why I haven’t applied, I’m not good enough to qualify as extreme yet.

Im a unicyclist and im extreme, just not really about unicycling. I dare say i qualify to be an extreme unicyclist. You may as well just send me the thousands of dollars right now

Oh yes, I remember doing a performance in a theater show together with a sexy Portuguese singer who was contestant in “The Voice”.
I had live(!) music AND live(!) singing, while giving a demo for her and the live and alive audience.
Coincidently that was exactly during the very same evening of the broadcast of a so called “live” (…) show, where she was dumped in a the so typical rigged Dutch TV way, which ages ago made me decide to not do any TV work in NL anymore, though this is not.
If you like the money, and don’t mind others making money off you, and don’t mind being part of a show with one of the many popular piss-off a candidate concepts, then yes, go for it. You may win thousands of pieces of old paper. And it always could become a nice item to. After all it’s Hollywood, not Hilversum or Украина.

The Ukrainian countershow (or actually it was opposite) “Ukraine Got Talent” -other company, same founder (seriously this leads all the way back to NBC’s “The Gong Show”), anyway, that show brought 4 nice unicycle performances, on a floor exactly like the one where unicon flatlanders in Brixen were wining about. So I guess you have to be a little more pro (in mentality) than than those riders. Well… “must”…, that is if you wish to jump trough all the hoops of the producers. But hey, he seems to ask for a street rider.

Oh, I think Talpa must be the latin for mole rat, named after the Dutch founder it’s founder, well, his Dutch family name that is.
Of all TV companies I worked for the least respectful I came across in my career.

Retracted. You, who have zillions of videos already out there for the watching, have nothing to hide!

Otherwise, knowing how “TV people” think, I would avoid the age thing unless you think it would be a plus. I think it would be a plus, but not sure what those producers (think they) want…

Uh, not to mention the OP, who is still reading!

They already called me and I told them my age, but as you eluded, I feel it’s a plus just because there aren’t a lot of people my age doing extreme unicycling. We had a good chat and talked about some scenarios that would work well on stage. So I filled out a form and sent a few video links. We’ll see. :slight_smile:

My 4yr old doing his thing without his 6yr old partner,

Together they ROCK and ROLLLLLL!