new game(intermidiate)

i’ve got an idea for a new game, i don’t now how to name it.

this is how it works:
every player calls a trick, like:
player 1-backroll
player 2- rollingwrap
player 3- 270
player 4 backroll
with this tricks, every player makes a own combo and post it.
then we’re going to vote witch one is the best.

who likes to play? then we can make the exact rules.

So is this like stack it up; where a player sets a trick which has to be included in the next trick, forming a combo?

Depending on the skill level I’ll play :stuck_out_tongue:

i think its a nice idea for a game

Seems to be really nice!

Im definitly in! :smiley:

my trick: 360 unispin

im in too and my trick is varialroll

I’ll play. My trick is an outsideroll.

i’m glad to hear you like it
a copple of that tricks i’m not possible to do(srry for bad inglish xD.)
i had a other notion by intermidiate, this niveau is to high for my but i will try.
my trick is a 270spin

when you want to add a rule, go ahead.

I think I am gonna give this a try. :stuck_out_tongue:

You might want to set a limit on how many people can play at a time, otherwise you’re going to get really long combos, and that can be good or bad. You might also provide a list of “intermediate” tricks for people to pick from. Because one person might consider a 720 unispin intermediate.

Good luck with your game, I’m looking forward to seeing this play out. Maybe I will be good enough sometime to play too :slight_smile:

So to clarify, we each have to post a video of us doing a combo using a 360 unispin, a varialroll, an outsideroll and a 270 unispin, using each trick once? If so I think I have my combo, I just have to land it.

thank you dane, maby for the next time we can make that kind of list.

we will begin whit landing a combo(the tricks are: 360-outside roll-varial roll-270)

as i sad it, im not possible to do a varial roll(i’m close) but i will train hard on it and post my combo. about how long?

yes, you may use every trick one time.
you can add one trick to make your combo more complete if you want

I dont think you should be possible to do other tricks than the ones that is choosen… Cus i think that the idea of we all have the same tricks and nothing else is very good, but thats jst my opinion… :slight_smile:

yes, i think that makes it more fun. so delete the idee to add one trick :smiley:

I have my combo filmed. How is everyone else doing?

i think this is too hard for me, i’ll play some easyer game’s(beginner game’s)
anyone tips for varial roll? that is the trick i’m not landed before :smiley:

I think we should make a few different levels for this game, it’s a great idea for a game!

For varial rolls I recommend getting very comfortable with transitioning out first, whether you outsideroll, body varial or unispin out, it will be far easier if you are confident with the transition. Other than that just practice.

oke thank you for the tip
i’ll start a beginner game soon.