New Gallery, plus TOque pics are finally up...

I just redid my gallery, but it doesn’t have much yet, cause I haven’t gone for a real ride in a while, but it will have a lot more soon, (Spring is here, first half of term in school over).

All my pics from TOque are up to, they have been for a week or two actually, but oh well. I think most are demo pics. Next time I go to a comp or something I will definitely be taking different pics. I missed a lot of cool people, and cool stuff, cause I was only taking pics when the experts were doing junk. But it was a great time none the less.

I’ll definitely be going next year and I think we should organize a big street ride, that’d be sweet.


Edit: Oh yeah, (how do you make a real link?) copy and paste it or something. All pics were either taken by my dad or me.

Awesome photos! Congrads again on winning sport.

WOOT! Thanks David!

it’s funny though…I was just telling my trials bike friend about this line and you got it in a picture…with me in it! (hurrah!)

thanks a bunch dude

but man, don’t you find it kindof agrivating to forget abomut lines you tottally could’ve had? like that octogone line for exemple…ah well… (oh, not the fancy octogone with pegs though…just the riding around one)

Thanks Kaycee, I appreciate it.

Owen, yeah I know that was really frustrating. For the last part I thought I tried all the lines in my reach and just messed around but then for the experts I saw other ones, oh well. Next year i’ll be sure to walk through all of them. And oh yeah, the ice flows are just starting to melt away so I’ll have to get out my birchbark canoe to get to school for a month, then the ice comes in, and its back to hopping iceflows.

It was really great seeing and riding with all the great riders there. Mike, Brian, Justin, Anthony, Kevin, Owen, and Guillaume during the comp, especially when we first out front. It really inspired me to ride harder and do more junk I’ve been meaning to do. This summer is gonna be nuts.


PS, Anyone remember that thing on the dirt track where the girls raced and they were talking about one who was on a TV show and she eally stunk? I just saw that on TV, you could see Orange Toque stuff in the background too. Also anyone know when the Ed the Sock thing is gonna be on or was on, and if it was anyone got it taped?

yeah?! When IS Ed the sock gonna be on? I posted a thread on their forums but noone answered. Cause man, I’ve got a hellova dope interview for it…hehe…yeah…t’was funny…

Yo David, justa quick lil’ idea to throw in:

I want to get this sumemr focused on the riding. I’f you’ve got some mullah to trash then you could pop by montreal for a few weeks and during those weeks we could go up to quebec and meet up some of their elite crew. (Guillaume, Vincent, Simon)

and besides, they might be throwing another comp like they did last year ( A HELLOVA GOOD COMP!) (Joel could vouch for that one).

so yeah…that was just a thought. :roll_eyes:


:: Missbehavin’:: LOL

Owen I hope to do that but we will see as it gets closer.

I found a picture ffixing thing, Picasa 2 (I’m impressed with it) and went through the Toque album, (and the others) and brightened up the dark ones and focused them and the such. You can see waht all pics are now. I urge you to check it out.


oooh! Brighter IS better!

Brighter is definitely better. I especially thought you would like it to show to that friend of yours.