New Funny Video

Frank, Josh and I met on the tennis courts the other day to enjoy the nice weather with some unicycling. We found an old wooden bike rack and had fun doing hops and gaps on it. But even though it was only 8 inches high or so, we found ourselves eating tennis court more than tasting victory.

This video shows the embarassing side of learning trials. We’ve all had our off days. This was an off day for everyone.

See the amazing Kyle get NO AIR on his hops!! See Frank squeal!! Stay tuned for the sequel when Frank Josh and Kyle take on a 12" ledge!!

It’s 2min 14secs, 11mb and divx encoded


That was an awesome video. I feel so much better about myself now :slight_smile:

no, really, I’m happy other people are having an actual learning curve. that was in general a happy video. Cool. I want a bike rack like that, I would enjoy it.

lol, don’t give up your day job.

Funny vid!

hahaha, you guys SUCK! sorry, scratch that, that was very rude of me. I’ve had plenty of days like that too, where it feels like I can barely ride a unicycle much less do trials on it. sometimes I give up early because I know I’ll just end up hurting myself if I keep going. q-: nice video too!!

I see it as a good learning tool. Everyone wants to catch the good stuff on tape, but if you look at the bad stuff, you can see what you’re doing wrong and fix it next time. I could come up with a bunch of excuses as to why we sucked, but it was just a bad day of just goofing around. I know bails are more impressive when they’re trying something hard or amazing, but seeing frank sprawled out on the tennis courts because of a 8" wooden beam is pretty funny.

Especially if you know Frank.

Thanks for posting! I’m glad to know everyone has those days some time!

I just had a similar experience yesterday while we were out in the country filming, I could hardly hop, and when I tired to ride a train track, I couldn’t go more then a few feet on the rail before wobbling back off. I don’t consider myself an incredible rider normally, but yesterday was worse then usual.

Thanks for the encouragement, I’m not alone!

P.S. No, I will not post my wipeouts, I think its fine to do if you know everyone, and they know that you can actually ride, but…

Crap, i just realized that i uploaded the wrong version of the video.

When Dr. Divx finds multiple frames that look the same, it cuts them out but leaves the audio, so the opening title got mucked up and that ruined the audio for the rest of the video. I’ll post the better one in a few. Sorry about that.

Here’s the new address:

Or just go to my gallery and click on bike_rack_of_doom_FIXED_divx.avi