New Fun Vid

I made a movie out of some clips i filmed this weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

lol are your shinpads ductaped on?

Nice video.
Great song… who is that?
Good tricks, but they got slightly repetitive. You could edit the video shorter, or try to throw in more tricks just to keep it fresh… for example, still stand / seat drop.
Nice variety of locations.
Favorite trick had to be the park benches… seeing how many times you could spin the unicycle around.

Yes lol, i’m going to buy some new soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks alot for the comment :wink:

The song is Paperboys - lonesome traveler

I will make the video shorter and fresher next time :roll_eyes:

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Nice movie!

heehee love the 360 thingos when you were inbitween the benches. it would hurt if your seat post was higher:D
great vid;)