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Hi Everyone
I’m new to unicycles. Still looking for which one to buy. Are the larger wheels easier to learn on?

New Unicycle

Hi! I’m new, too! I don’t think a bigger wheel is easier to learn on. Not that it’s impossible, but I think that it seems beneficial to learn on a smaller wheel (but not smaller than 20", if you’re an average height adult.) Basic skills like changing direction, maneuvering and hopping seem easier on my 20" than my 24" (not that I’m that good yet). Going distances and rolling over things seem easier on the 24". I’m lucky and have 3 unicycles already (well at one point I had 5, but own a bike shop and not sure if that counts…) Depending on your goals and height, I would probably go with a 20" or 24" for learning. But it doesn’t seem like there’s a real right or wrong way to go about it, I’ve found, and seen many success stories of people going right into MUni, and no real harm in going for what feels right. I plan on posting an intro in a bit, too, but decided to reply to your thread; hopefully you’ll find better advice than mine, so welcome, and happy unicycle shopping! I don’t think you can go wrong with anything at UDC if you talk to them about your goals as well.


Hey Dude. Welcome. This is a good place to start. You will find some very useful input here. You will find some very interesting characters also. I also have just recently joined the forum. This place can be real entertaining and informative. You will find, as you navigate the site, plenty of threads on your topic. Plenty of New/Learning to ride members and plenty of 40 and 50 year riders. And so many cool,crazy/fun things people are doing with the hobby. Have you been to ? Josh will get you headed in the right direction for a starter uni. Where in Ky ? Jeff C

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Hey neighbor, I’m in Lagrange, not to far from ya. I’ll check out today!

I had a few wheel sizes available while learning and found that the 20" was easiest to learn on for me. YMMV but a smaller circumference meant that I was traveling slower for a given pedal cadence so I had less momentum to manage and/or I got through the crank “dead spots” more quickly. And even if it’s only a couple of inches lower, those inches were pretty important for making a clean getaway in many, many unplanned dismounts.

Once I got moving though, I appreciated having other sizes. A bigger wheel made cruising the streets around my neighborhood a lot more fun.

Don’t feel like you need to get the one unicycle to end all unicycles as your first purchase. If things go well, as I hope they do, you’ll buy more. They’re pretty cheap and they don’t take up much space. :slight_smile: Good luck!

I’m thinking the 20 inch is the way to go also. Its not as far to fall! I like the fat tire look so snow riding might happen also.

20 inch trials/street

I think most on the forum will agree, the 20 seems to be the one to get started on and many go back to. I have a KH20 and it is the one I go to for learning/practicing new skills. I usually have it in the back seat. Goes to work with me. It is just a blast. And you are right “not as far to fall”. And everything seems to be so much more challenging when the wheels gets bigger. I really like the fat tire with a lower air pressure. Get a little bounce. The 20in Uni’s are so responsive. I have recently got a couple new riders started. One on a $36 Ebay purchase. The other on a $300+ Nimbus. Both are making some headway. Its fun to see someone figure it out. Have you found a unicycle you like yet ? Jeff C

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