New freewheel 29" unicycle (never ridden)

Hi everybody,

spring is here and with it: spring cleaning !

I got this unicycle together finally recently and short of the tire and saddle, all the other parts are new and ever saw a ride. The wheel has been built by a reputable bike shop.

Here is a break down of the parts:

  • KH Fusion Zero saddle with reinforcement plate (as I documented on the DIY section)
  • BMX pivotal seatpost (25.4mm)
  • seatpost mounted brake mount
  • Avid Elixir 1 brake
  • Nimbus CrMo frame (black with green double clamp)
  • Mavic XN119 rim (36 holes)
  • Nimbus freewheel hub with disk mount
  • WTB Exiwolf 2.3 tire
  • Qu-ax 125mm Al cranks

I realized I do not have the time nor the repeated desire to experience gravity the hard way.
This unicycle should go to a home he will see more move from.

No clue how much to ask so I will go for $300 (as there is roughly that price in parts + wheel build) + shipping from 02453.
If I am totally off, just PM me an offer :wink:

Note: the pics will come as soon as the site let me upload them :smiley:

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PM sent

I’m passing. My fault, 'didn’t read the description thoroughly.

The KH Zero saddle is a regular one and no longer the one with the reinforcement plate (KH Zero with reinforcement plate and pivotal seatpost)

Now available as a wheelset (with or without the brake - up to you).

Make me an offer.

Good luck with the sale, but sorry not for me. However, can you please let me know where the brake bracket came from? I’ve been looking for an brake mount not attached to the seat and clamps to the seat post at an angle, that seems to do the job well.


I am interested to buy the complete muni, or wheelset only.

Is it still available as complete unicycle? Is shipping to germany possible for you?



Hi Bruce,

This bracket was a random find on Amazon and it fits 25.4 seatposts (so Nimbus and Qu-ax). I think it was advertised as a unicycle part but I will need to do more research to be more precise.

Hi Sven,
The uni is no longer available complete (or at least all but the frame is available). I do not mind shipping to Germany but it may become expensive. I will try a quick simulation with fedex and will PM you the numbers.

How much for just the wheel?

No idea :smiley:

Hoewever, seeing the clearance this frame has on my other wheel, the unicycle is also available complete (and I will just buy a frame).

You can PM me offers :slight_smile:

This baby is still looking for a new home. I can sell just the wheelset ready to roll or complete (you tell me which solution you prefer when sending me your offer through PM).

PM sent

is it still for sale?

I think the wheel has been sold a few months ago, sorry :frowning:

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Sorry Benjamin, this uni has a new house.
Good luck with you search.

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I noticed this a few months back and then promptly forgot :grin:
At least on Trading Post I’d expect to be able to close my own thread but I understand why it’s not enabled globally.


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