New Freestyle vid by Philipp

My new vid :slight_smile:

one word, WOW

It was alright i suppose. :wink:

I joke, dude, you’re immense, i absolutely love the spin/pirouette things whilst moving. kinda hard to explain but yeah, im loving the whole vibe this video gives off… very happy :smiley:

wow!! awesome vid!!!
the riding was insane and the editing was really good :slight_smile:

That is some absolutely awesome riding!

Will you be my lover?

i like the shoes…lol… :sunglasses:

AWESOME skills, but i wonder about one thing :stuck_out_tongue: was all this amazing stuff filmed at one day since you had the same shorts and t-shirt at you :p?

Wow, awesome.
Makes me want to be good at freestyle.
Really “flowing” and smooth style.

my goosebumps where having goosebumps with that beat ^^ absolutely insane stuff. makes me wanna get out n ride asap. nice looking uni as well. I really liked the backwards-ww thing with only the sides of your shoes, never seen this one before! it´s got a nice sound to it as well. and of course: 1ft wheel walk spins (or is it pirouettes?)! oO giantic. There was so much in that video, hard to comment on everything.

Wow, I’m still amazed… and will be for some more time…
as for video the sound/editing was making me smiling all the time, good job. But I’m not sure if these competition shots were necessary. The quality was too bad there compared to the rest. Or you could try making them black and white with some oldish filter.

Anyway… still amazed. :smiley:

That was brilliant, awesome skills !!!

Philipp are you the one who’s staying at emilys in the summer? if so, im there at the same time :sunglasses:

Thanks :smiley:

@Petter: my hair also changed :wink: