New freestyle unicycle

I want to buy a new freestyle unicycle to learn wheelwalk, gliding, seat-out, and more. I want an indoor tire and plastic pedals. I am currently looking at the Koxx freestyle and the Nimbus X Longneck. I am also thinking about buying it in parts. So a few questions:

The frame design is different on the two unicycles mentioned, what is the advantage/disadvantage with the two?

What seat is best for freestyle?


Well, the frame is the most important component for a freestyle uni, followed by the seat!

It is very important to have a comfortable place where you can put your feet on, especially for stand up tricks!!! Also have an eye on the space between the tyre and the frame, the less the more comfortable to glide the better, easier to ride. The third point is the width from the place where you put your feet on. There are frames with different widths, so choose the one most width.

I would prefer such a frame:

The Seat should be comfortable and let you easy go up to stand up. So, Vitelli, Miyata or Koxx Gel are your favorites…

We have german articles on this on with much more information, if you can understand german, this might be useful. Translators are bullshit :smiley:

Ride On

OK, thanks for the advice, what kind of wheel fits the siegmondo frame?

Trondheim, Norway

I’m pretty sure that the koxx-one free tricks is great.

Any 20" tyre for a gym… We need to have white tyres for gym. I’m currently ride along with the Generixx (1.75"). Next time I try this one: