New Freestyle Unicycle on!

Hey! There’s a new freestyle unicycle on that’s coming out the same time as the Kris Holm ones. It’s got a Velo saddle. It’s called the Yuni 20-inch Hookworm Freestyle. Here’s a link:

It looks pretty cool. I was going to ask for a Yuni Freestyle for Christmas anyway, now this is a new option.


Sorry, wrong link. Here’s the right one:

hmmm i’m still not too sure about the extra width of this “Yuni” frame for freestyle

but besides that looks great! i love that tyre too!

that is a great tire!

Seat seems a bit bulky to me for freestyle. :frowning:


And check out the crown hight from rubber- might be ‘trick’ doing crown glides (or all sort)…


thats what i said in the other thread,then it got sent to spam.we shall see if history repeats.

Anybody smell pork? :smiley:


I’m planning on getting the Velo saddle with whatever freestyle uni I end up getting and then putting it on my Muni and putting the Miyata saddle that’s on my Muni on my freestyle unicycle.


Just be sure, Nikki, that you check seatpost diameter and seatpost-to-seat attachment for compatibility first. For example, my Pashley (originally) took a seatpost that was 25.0 mm in outer diameter, while the freestyle seatpost was 22.2 mm in diameter. Moreover, the MUni attached to a Viscount seat, which has a different bolt placement than the Miyata, so that it wouldn’t have been possible just to swap seats. I don’t know what the Velo compatibilities are yet. If you have any questions, can help you or you can provide more details and someone here will know.